⚠ Saturday

I mean Friday

I wipe thrice on Friday

After I take a shit

Cdfupp, this ngga Joe look like Kyrie Irving

Allah is sufficient for us, and He is the best disposer of our affairs

Why is it that the establishment are so afraid of Muslim women? So afraid of the way that they dress?

Why do they try so hard to crush the resolve of the Muslim women?

Muslim women have become the quintessential symbol of a strong proud Islam

Quintessential- representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class.

"he was the quintessential tough guy—strong, silent, and self-contained"

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom is the quintessential prostitute- young, freaky, and willing to try new things.

Women are half of society and they give birth to the other half

Women are the makers and breakers of culture

The way that Muslim women dress symbolizes their strength and their commitment as Muslims

The Muslim women were taken as slaves, can you imagine the difficult situation that they were in?

💡 The time gap between Fajr and sunrise, and Maghrib and Isha is always the same, on all days

They raised those children upon Islam, and within a generation the king himself was a Muslim and the Mongols became a Muslim civilization

That's part of being a good person, is to repent, to come back to Allah SWT, it's not never to make a mistake

That's one of the things that Hijab does, it protects you, it acts as a barrier between you and the haraam

People are so judgmental of her, more so of somebody who isn't wearing Hijab

Everything that we do externally is a reflection of who we are internally

Every individual person needs to look internally and see what is the source of this struggle that I'm going through

Putting on the Hijab is going to become easier once you build that relationship with Allah SWT and become close to Him

Love and obedience come hand in hand

The more you love someone, the more you want to please them

💡Jasmine is soo knowledgable! May Allah bless her and give her long life

💡 May Allah increase her knowledge

💡May Allah bless our 32 children

You don't need to force someone to wear Hijab after that, you don't need to convince them

As soon as they know this is what the One that I love wants, they do it

When you love someone your greatest fear is to displease them

For them to say "I don't want anything to do with you anymore"

For them to disown you, that's your greatest fear

💡Fasting for today: COMPLETE!

I'll take a break tomorrow, then on Monday I'm right back at it

This is the third consecutive week!

I'm so proud of myself

-pats myself on back

There is no God except for Allah SWT

Lemme see you shake ur ass u skank slut btch

You finna get all this dck I put that on everything!

Suck all my dck

Lick the fukkin balls too

You gotta multitask bae

This btch Codi Bryant wifey material

This shyt finna nut I promise you

Brace yourself for impact btch this shyt bouta nut!!



i feel terrible


Wtff is wrong with me 😳

I'm never doing that shyt again in my life


Islam is a complete way of life and the best example is Muhammad SAWS

Islam is a complete way of life

💡 I farted

That shyt was like "PPPFFFTTTT💨"

All praise is due to Allah Who has chosen to guide us


I'm memorizing this Surah!!!

I've already memorized 9 Ayats, and there's 15 Ayats in total

Soo..... how many more Ayats do I have to memorize??

-starts counting fingers

💡uhh.... 24!!!!

The Muslim is the brother of his fellow Muslim

He neither oppresses him, nor does he abandon or forsake him

Do not envy one another

Envy is a great crime. Ibliss envied Adam AS

If you envy them, pray that they will get an increase, and in return you will be increased

Our community is predicated on love

This Surah think that I ain't gon memorize it

U funny as shit!!!!

That btch finna get memorized just now!!

I put that on my life

This is the name of Allah

In this world we die, in Jannah we won't die

You have to be prepared for whatever life throws your way, whether it's going to be a form of ease or a form of hardship

There is nothing that Allah is going to give you that's greater than the gift of patience

💡this shyt finna go inside you btch fuk what you heard

Suck this fukkin dck you slut I love you

I love how u sucking this dck btch I love you

This shyt finna nut inside you

I put that on everything!

Btch Brace yourself!!!



Wtf is wrong with me????

I feel terrible

Never doing that shyt again


The Believer has that mindset

They see everything as an elevation in the Hereafter

My mindset mandates "what better can I get from Allah SWT"

💡 I want you to suck my dck you pretty slut

I love seeing your phat ass baby

I love you so much, you're the girl of my dreams

Nothing else in this world matters except for you and me

Scrub that fuckin floor you slut btch

I love you

I'ma put this dck in you nice and slow okay, don't you worry your pretty little head!

Fold those clothes and suck this dck you slut

Btch I know you can multitask

Smack that dck on ur tongue while u sucking it

You're doing such a great job baby I love you, I never wanna lose you

This ngga fukkin that btch in the ass

That shyt haraam! 😨

I want you to squeal like a mouse you slut!

Hold on for your dear life!!

brace yourself brace yourself!!



i just feel terrible

I feel disgusting


I'm so ashamed of myself!!



4 times in one night tho??

That shyt not even funny



Patience and Sabr does not mean the same thing as being passive

There are times that we need to stand firm

Allah SWT does not approve of injustice

Allah SWT does not love oppression

Allah SWT will test us with our emotions

We can change the way we feel and change our emotions by using our breaths

I'd like to show you all how, if I can please ask you all to stand up

Thank you, may Allah bless you

💡May Allah bless you as well sister. May Allah give you good health and long life

💡 May Allah grant you all forms of goodness

💡May Allah bless our 36 children

Allah gifted the remedy for anxiety and sadness to the Prophet SAWS

And that is our five daily prayers

Take time out to recite, and to reflect upon the Qur’an

Allah SWT calls the Qur’an a healing

When we practice gratitude we increase the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brains which cause us to be happier

💡dopamine is the same stuff that's inside weed, that's why it's called DOPE!


💡The only difference is, the weed finishes and the dopamine finishes and eventually all that happiness goes away and u feel like shit

💡But Allah never goes away. HE'S HERE FOREVER!

Allah SWT created us as social creatures, if you're feeling sad reach out to someone

I recently read a study that was very interesting, they found out that physical touch from someone you know, someone you care about, can be as effective as antidepressants

So they took women who were experience post partum depression and they had their husbands hug them, touch them, and then they monitored them, and they found that the results were very significant and they were amazing

💡Okay! Soo... I definitely don't have post partum depression, but I have PTSD. So how can I solve this? 🤔

💡 Keke with the fat butt!!

💡 I know her! I care about her! I can give her physical touch so she can help me with my PTSD

💡so this means... i gotta put my dck in between her titties and stroke vigorously!

Women can compete just like men do

Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Zainab Ismail

Call upon Allah SWT with confidence in your Du'a

He causes everyone around him to smile and laugh

This is our Messenger Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim

Allah SWT has never sent down a disease without sending down its' cure

Allah SWT has never sent down a problem without sending its' solution

"The board doesn't let me do what I do"

"I don't like those people in the Masjid they're all hypocrites"

So that gives me am excuse to stay home and do absolutely nothing, or get involved in the system and become corrupt myself

That's what you call "analysis paralysis"

Have you ever heard of the term "analysis paralysis?"

Analysis paralysis- Analysis paralysis describes a moment where over-analyzing or over-thinking a situation can cause it to become 'paralyzed', meaning that no action was taken therefore a solution is not reached.

💡 Sentence example: After I finished shoving my large penis in Jason's mom vagina, her legs developed analysis paralysis.

Whenever you see an obstacle, that's an opportunity

Whenever you see a difficulty, that's an opportunity

He will never stop trying to please Allah SWT

Y'all know what a pump is? No one knows what a pump is. They're like "my mom didn't give me one of those"

The reality of pornographic on the Internet is that it is not an American problem

💡Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Wisam Sharief

💡I'm ready for you u slut

I'm ready to put my dck in you and stroke vigorously

You sexy btch I love you

Bring your little itty-bitty teeny weenie pussy over here

So I can crush that shyt

This dck finna go inside you btch fuck what you heard

Btch you finna have all my offsprings btch fuk what you heard!!

Ima fuck u till I cum that's wtf ima do

Shake ur fukkin fat ass u slut cunt btch

I love you

I'ma cum inside you that's wtf ima do


I feel terrible


5 times tho!!!! 🤕


⚠ Sunday

Good Morning

Anthony Davis the best in the Nets

Kemba Walker be fukkin ballin

How df did he make that shot??

He had assistance from the Jinns

Kyrie Irving is a certified Jinn!

That ngga Murray had 46 !!

I needa buy a new charger

This charger really fukkin up smhh

Finna charge this shyt up a little bit and go buy a new charger

And some deodorant

I did it!

I bought a new charger

I bought some new clothes

And most importantly... I bought deodorant!

Now I don't have to take a shower until next winter solstice, I'm good! 🖒

Now the only thing that's left is to pay for my student loan, my phone bill, and get a haircut

Oh and my SEPTA key card

And I went to the library to to get some library book

💂ain't today Sunday tho??


I'll read the books at home Insha.....


This btch Rhianna cute as shit

I wonder if she gotta fat ass


⚠ Monday

Good Morning

Fasting today