We walked into a dark room me and her.

The light that was emanating from the television dimly lit the bathroom. The History Channel was on, something about the Davinci Code was on, I was not really surprised about the fact that she was watching The History Channel. I was more surprised about the fact that she was watching something about the "Davinci Code". She had told me many times before that she was now a devout Muslim and she only believe in what the Quran and the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH says. Now I am not the brightest light bulb in the room but I know enough about Leonardo Davinci to know that he is very disliked in the Religion of Islam, though he may be he in high prestige in other religions. This is because he is known in the Islamic Religion to be a false Prophet, he claims to have knowledge of future events and nobody has that knowledge except for a vicegerent. Islam condemns those who claim to have received Prophethood, when in reality they haven't.

I wanted to ask her about why she was watching that but another thought crossed my mind. "Why your room smell like butr?" I whispered to her diligently.

"That's because you just walked in here" She whispered back to me. A wide Smile spread across my face, that was funny I thought to myself.

I quickly plopped on top of the bed and took out my math book. "Okay so you didn't really miss a lot yesterday when you were out in class, he just went over SAT questions, would you like to review"?

She quietly sat down next to me and picked up the math book from my lap and placed it on the floor. "Umm no" she said as she began to get closer to me, at this point her chest was up against mines. She smiled as she got closer to me. The fragrance that she had on her body and her hair smelled very pleasant, I wanted to tell her in class earlier today hut I was too shy, and I didn't want to seem weird. "HEY I JUST WANTED TO TELL YOU THAT YOUR HAIR SMELLS NICE." She'll probably be like "😐 umm ohhkayy"

Her lips brushed against mines. I started to retreat back but then my eyes were closed, and all I could see was her face. I stopped retreating and kissed back.

Then I quickly stopped! I moved all the way to the other side of the bed and began to gather all the school material that I had emptied out my bag and placed them back in there. "What are you doing?" she asked me.

"I have to leave! The Angels are watching! I am a pious slave of Allah Azzawajal, you are not permissible for me"

o" she said, "you don't have to leave". She began to draw closer to me and she placed her hands on mines. "Don't you like me? Don't you want me?" I looked at her, she was starring back. Suddenly she was the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen. "Uhh... ye-yeah" I weakly replied. "Then it's okay, as long as we like each other" she said. "yeah I guess you're right, and afterwards me and you can get married" I said. "Yeah" She said, she then took my hands and wrapped it around her neck, then she began kissing me again, this time I didn't draw back, I closed my eyes and passionately kissed back.

"That's it baby, put all of it in your mouth. You doing so good baby I love you"

"You're so beautiful baby I wanna marry you. I wanna have children with you baby girl."

"You doing so good baby I love you so much. I wanna build a house for you baby. I wanna rub your feet"

"Lemme nut in your mouth bae it's only gon be a little bit"

"no you lying!"