On July 14th 2017 I went to the Masjid at 4431 Walnut St, Phila PA 19104 like I always do for every Jummah. Because you know, Im a pretty awesome Muslim :). And to my surprise, Shaykh Gilles was there giving a lesson. Now, I look up to Shaykh Gilles very much for all the Islamic knowledge that he gives me. It's a very momentous occcasion if I happen to run into him or catch him, immediately I took out my composition book and began listening and taking notes. I thank Allaah for willing that.


Jult 14th, 2017

What I Learned
  • His Aqidah has to be in compliance with Islam
  • There is no human that is detached from worldly matters like Prophet Muhammad
  • Never in his life did Prophet Muhammad eat until he was full
  • Sufi- wears wool, detached from worldly matters
  • What the body needs just to function
  • Speak little, sleep little, eat little
  • Taste the hardship so you can conquer it
  • The base of the Islamic Sufism is to believe in Allaah and His Messenger
  • A lot of knowledge with little act of worship is a lot
  • Those people who claim to have piety are fake
  • No one will be among the pious ones unless they have the proper knowledge
  • Kufr, why? Because they do not have the proper knowledge
  • "You came to me as a light, and Allaah does not resemble anything"
  • $200 x 40= $8,000 (may Allaah bless Shaykh Gilles and reward him for such great knowledge)
  • When you have the knowledge you are hard to swallow by the shaytan. You are hard because of your knowledge
  • More than 9,000 people saw the hand of Prophet Muhammad rise from his grave
  • She needs only 4 hours a day, just to survive
  • We don't see the reward now
  • It takes strong faith to fathom Allaah's reward in Jannah