DuLi GotBarz

I can do whatever I want because I'm daddy

DuLi GotBarz

The Pulpit Rock
If i want something i go and get it...

i want your girl

The Pulpit Rock
This is a picture of me and my baby brother.

Your girl gotta fat butt and I want to impregnate her

The Pulpit Rock
This picture mad old, i lost that necklace.

I want your girl and she wants me back

The Pulpit Rock
This was back in high school, i really liked that necklace

Your girl want me cuz she need someone who can lay the pipe right, tell her I'ma be her plumber

The Pulpit Rock
This is a picture of me kissing my baby brother

I wanna kiss your girl... Between her thighs...


DuLi x Roszay 8 TRACKS


Knowing the Creator

His name is Allah

Prophet Muhammad SAWS

The Holy Prophet of Islam

Daily BARZ

Saturday November 17th, 2018

  1. PnB Rock - Hanging Up My

    Jersey feat. Ty Dolla $ign
  2. Jacquees - IDGAF
  3. The Berenstain Bears theme songs

  4. Girl in a jacket

    "you hold me down ima hold you down too!"


    "You just shut up and take this dck."


    "somewhere deep in bear country.."

    Weekly BARZ

    Week: Monday November 12th, 2018
    2. Tayler Buono - Technically Single
    3. Wiz Khalifa - We Dem Boyz
    4. 21 Savage - Numb
    5. Peter Hollens- I See Fire
    6. 50 Cent - OK, You're Right
    7. kiiara - Intention

    8. Girl in a jacket

      "girl i can see, your stress, come rely on me, for sex"

      "but first i gotta roll this joint, baby hol' up!"
      Girl in a jacket

    Monthly BARZ

    Girl in a jacket

    updated every month

    next update: December 2018


    Tory Lanez- The New Toronto 1 & 2

    Girl in a jacket

    1. Makaveli

    2. New Toronto

    3. Woods
    "I know you're selling but you need to cut the picee, i get that pack and run that btch like Jerry Ricee!

    4. Other Side

    6. Round Here

    8. Lord Knows Pt. 2

    10. Them Days

    13. Wraith Talk

    14. Dopeman Go
    "i dropped outta school couldn't pass the SAT's, now I got two bad btches passing me the weed"

    16. LICK x Drive You Crazy

    17. Dancin
    "she wanna fuck me but she know I'm too expensive"

    19. Bartenders and Spenders

    22. Anyway

    23. Talk To Me Nice/Fargo Season

    Click to open image, only if yout're a girl. If you click and you're a dude you're gay and you're a faggot. W3Schools