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DuLi GotBarz

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Thursday May 12th, 2022

  1. DuLi GotBarz - Single(Freestyle)
  2. DuLi GotBarz - COMEBACK ft. Tvmmy
  3. DuLi GotBarz - Chiraq (Freestyle)
    "I'M MAD!"
  4. DuLi - DIEE [Prod. by DuLi]
  5. DuLi - Squad(No Remorse)

    DuLi - Single(Freestyle)
  1. Girl in a jacket

    "And girl u got that ass that is blubber soft"

  3. Girl in a jacket

    "black rang rove looking like a pink tonka! - Tvmmy"

  4. CHIRAQ!
  5. Girl in a jacket

    "I'M MAD!"

  6. DIEE [Prod. by DuLi]
  7. Girl in a jacket

    "My brother Alpha used to bring this ugly btch in the basement"

  8. No Remorse
  9. Girl in a jacket






DuLi x Roszay 8 TRACKS


Knowing the Creator

He is God, but His name is Allah

Prophet Muhammad SAWS

The Holy Prophet of Islam

Prophet Ibrahim (AS)

My father

  • THOUGHTS Thurs. 05-11-22

    Go in the closet, and look for a sharp rectangle

    Im getting money shorty idk what you tawking bout

    Nggas cant fathom my style cuz that shyt too emaculate you heard me!!?

    This sucks...

    Ibrahim AS and Muhammad SAWS had to do it

  • I'm A


  • Mountain View

  • Getting


  • Mountain View
  • Drake - Laugh Now Cry Later ft. Lil Durk

    "They saying Drizzy just snapped"

    Drake -


    Girl in a jacket

    1. Survival

    "I am a cream of the crop ngga"

    2. Nonstop

    "Idk nobody else that's doing this"

    3. Elevate

    "Only obligation is to tell em straight"

    4. Emotionless

    "I know the truth is you won't love me until I'm gone"

    5. God's plan

    "I don't wanna die for them to miss me"

    6. I'm upset

    "I'ma always take the money over sex"

    7. 8 out of 10

    "I don't like to talk when there's nothing else left to say"

    8. Mob ties

    "In a rocket and that btch ain't got no tags"

    9. Can't take a joke

    "I'm just tryna set the tone"

    10. Sandra's rose

    "Nggas see the crib and ask who did I steal from?"

    11. Talk up(feat Jay-Z)

    "I'm so proud of who I've become"

    12. Is there more

    "Only begging that I do is me begging your pardon"

    13. Peak

    "Where are all your good manners?"

    14. Summer Games

    "I expected more from you honestly"

    15. Jaded

    "that's why I'm not with nobody, cause I don't wanna hurt nobody"

    16. Nice for what

    "I know shorty and she doesn't want no slow song"

    17. Finesse

    "I want my baby to have your eyes"

    18. Rathcet Happy Birthday

    "petty bullshit shouldn't excite you"

    19. That's How You Feel

    "I know you like to drink til the sun up"

    20. Blue tint

    "She had a attitude in the summer but she being nice again"

    21. In my feelings

    "KEKE! R u riding?"

    22. Don't Matter To Me

    "All of a sudden you say you don't want me"

    23. After Dark (Ft. Static Major & Ty Dolla Sign)

    "Assuming the worst cuz I haven't heard from you all weekend"

    24. Final Fantasy

    "Arch back, heart attack, cardiac"

    25. March 14

    "I wanted it to be different because I been through it"