DuLi GotBarz

Call It Luck

I took my shortcut on the train tracks and began to walk home. While I was walking I saw somebody sitting on one of the benches where people sat to wait for the train, he was smoking weed and had wireless headphones in.

“DuLi!” I yelled out. It was Abdul. I quickly rushed over to him.

“Aye Jason, wassup bro you chilling?” Abdul said to me, we shook hands.

“Hey wassup Dul what you doing?” I said to my friend. I knew I had to go home and call Christy but I didn’t mind delaying that a little bit to talk to Abdul. He was a bit older and was in the 11th or 12th grade, I wasn’t really sure. It wasn’t every day that you would run into him and he was so easy to talk to and always made you laugh and gave great advice.

Mountain View
I'm high! 😰



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