Prophet Adam

The first human

Prophet Ibrahim
  • Allah decided that he is going to send the Angels down to the earth to kill many of these Jinns that were just out of control
  • Ibliss volunteered and Allah gave him permission
  • they killed a lot of these Jinns, they left only a few on the Earth
  • Suddenly Allah reveals to the Angels "I am about to make on the Earth a khalifa
  • When Allah said that Ibliss became very happy
  • Ibliss knows that the Angels are not going to be the one who are going to rule the Earth
  • If there is anyone it is going to be the creation from the Jinns
  • Allah is probabbly going to make a Khalifa perhaps from the Jinns
  • But Allah's decision wasn't that He was going to make a Khalifa or a vicegerent from the Jinns
  • His decision now is that He is going to create this new creation
  • Now this shocked Ibliss because all these years that he had worshipped Allah and he had been so good was because he wanted power, he wanted prestige
  • He wanted to be in charge of the Earth
  • and he hoped that he is going to be sent perhaps as a messenger
  • He is going to be sent with a new command from God on the Earth
  • or he is going to be in charge of the Jinns on the Earth.
  • There is something beautiful that is going to come for Ibliss
  • Considering he was a Jinn and he had been good to Allah for so long
  • Allah made it clear though that it was not going to be a Jinn to rule the earth
  • It was going to be a brand new creation
  • Ibliss is crushed now, he's jealous
  • "who is this new creation" he starts thinking
  • you can imagine his jealousy is firing up, jealousy over jealousy
  • He's like "man, I've been here for thousands of years worshipping from one heaven to another heaven to another heaven, I have done all of that
  • All the Sadja I did for this God and everything I did for Him. And all that effort I put, the sweat I had
  • "And in the end He just makes another one and discards me completely"
  • "And he is now going to become the leader on the Earth and I am nothing man, I am nothing, I do not deserve anything
  • You know you can imagine the way Ibliss is feeling
  • Then Allah after He created Adam he instructed the Angels to prostrate
  • That prostration was not to worship him, but only to recognise and to acknowledge his status
  • His status was raised higer than all of them. So Allah says "to recognize that status, prostrate"

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