Prophet Jesus

The Angels of Allah
  • Allah made the Angels Messengers
  • He increases the creation as He wills
  • Abdullah Ibn Masud the Companion of the Prophet (SWS)
  • reported that Allah's Messenger had seen Angel Gabrielle in his natural state
  • in which he had 600 wings
  • Each of which filled the horizon
  • And they were like multicolored drops of pearls and corals falling from the wings
  • For the Angels in their natural state are quit huge so much so that in another narration narrarated by Jabir Ibn Abd-Allah
  • With regards to the Angels that carry the Throne of Allah
  • Prophet Muhammad (SWS) said:
  • Allow me to speak about one of the Throne bearers
  • The distance between his earlobe and shoulder
  • "is what a bird will fly in 700 years"
  • So we are talking about a huge aspect of Allah's creation
  • The Angels, though they appeared when they appeared in human form they appeared as males
  • Because of the appearances
  • The companions described it he looked like one of the companions, who's name was Diya-Al Kalby
  • That he looked similar to him and other times he appeared like an unknown bedwin
  • Though they've been described as male forms
  • They are not considered to be either male or female
  • Nor is there any evidence in Islamic texts to indicate that they reproduce
  • We have in Surah Saffat verse 150, Allah is saying:
  • This was rebuking the Pagan Arabs for claiming that Angels were feminine, or female
  • Now, with regards to the names of the Angels, there are only eight names which have been authentically recorded in Islamic texts
  • There are many in folklore (legends, cultures)

  • There are only 8

    1. Gabrielle-

      Angel of revelation

    2. Milkail-

      The Angel

      responsible for rain

    3. Israfil-

      The Angel who will

      blow the horn

      signaling the end of

      the world

    4. Malik-

      The Angel

      guarding hell

    5. Munkar & Nakir

    6. The Two Angels

      guarding hell

    7. Harut & Marut

      Two Angels who

      were sent

      to the

      people of Babylon

      to test their


      • These are the authentic names of Angels, all of the other names we hear of Israel and etc...
      • These names are either based on:

        1. Israeli traditions- traditions taken out of the Bible biblical sources

        2. Weak narrations-
        Fabricated narrations or they have been simply common folklore names which have been chosen

      • Now, with regards to the abilities of the Angels
      • We are informed that they are able to read human intent(intention)
      • They are able to understand what is going on in human mind
      • Prophet Muhamma(PBUH) was quoted by Abu Huraira saying:
      • The Angels say to Allah that man intends to do evil
      • Although He is more vigilent than them
      • He replies: Watch him if he commits evil report it in kind.
      • But if he abandons it record for him one good deed for surely he gave it up for my sake
      • So they have the ability to read human mind
      • And virtually all of the movements and activities which take place in the world
      • Are under their commander, under their control or under their influence
      • And this is deduced from many verses in the Qur'an
      • And other verses where Allah's command
      • Throughout the creation because everything is by His command as you know
      • He assigned to the Angels
      • He also assigned to every human being
      • From the time that they are formed in the womb
      • Till the time of their birth

      • Prophet Muhammad (SWS) was quoted by Anas Ibn Malik saying:
      • Allah the Exalted and Glorious has appointed an Angel as the caretaker of the womb that says "my Lord it is like an oily drop"
      • "my Lord it is now like a leech"
      • "my Lord it has become like a clump of chewed flesh"
      • Then if Allah wishes to complete its' creation the Angel will ask:
      • "my Lord, will it be male or female?"
      • Furthermore

      • We have another narration from Abdullah Ibn Masod
      • That when the fetus reaches the beginning of the 5th month
      • The Angel breathes the soul into him
      • At that same time

      • 4 things are recorded

        1. His livelihood
        2. His lifespan
        3. His deeds
        4. Whether he will be wretched or happy

      • Besides that each person has an Angel assigned to him
      • Who may vary, not necessarily the same Angel all the time but an Angel is with him throughout his life
      • Encouraging him to do good and guarding him from evil. This is part of the human conscience
      • Every human being has a consciousness of good and evil
      • And we will look at the evil side when we come to the world of the jinn
      • Prophet Muhammad (SWS) said everyone of you has been assigned companion from among the jinn and one from the Angels
      • So these Angels who are with us encourage us to do good and put good suggestions in our minds
      • And counteract the evil suggestions which will come from the evil source of the jinn

      • There are also two Angels who are assigned to recording deeds. These are the ones most people know about
      • We can find in Surah Infitar verses 10 & 11
      • That verily there is assigned to you protectors or guardians, guardians who are noble and who record, your deeds
      • Outside of this we have Angels throughout our life span
      • These Angels who are with us recording they are constantly with us
      • The Angels which are assigned as support to us and put good thoughts in our mind, sometimes these Angels may leave us
      • Prophet Muhammad (SWS) said that Angels do not enter a house in which there is a dog or pictures of statues of living beings
      • Because the Angels that are recording will not leave you at any time
      • So we shouldn't think that some people migt ignorantly feel that they can avoid their record being take place you know things deeds being recorded if they keep a dog with them all the time you know
      • At any case
      • With regards to a person dying
      • An Angel is also assigned to take the soul at the time of death
      • And when the person dies that soul is passed over to the Angels in the next life
      • And the Angels who receive that soul take the soul on a particular journey
      • Allah knows best about this journey
      • It's enough to know that the Angel takes our soul in the next life, and takes it on a journey then two other Angels will come back to it whilst it's in the grave
      • In that state of the grave and question it concering it's Lord, the Prophet, who was sent to it and its' religion
      • And that basically summarizes the basic information that has been revealed to us concerning the Angels
      • And the significance of knowledge of the world of the Angels
      • Is basically for human beings to know that all of their deeds are being recorded