Mountain View

Blasphemy in Islam, the only religion accepted by God, is actions, words, or beliefs that belittle or mock God, Islam, The Prophets, The Angels, or anything considered sacred in Islam. Do not do it! GOD DOES NOT FORGIVE BLASPHEMY Blasphemy is when one belies the religion of Allah, deny the eternal Existence of Allah, or liken the Creator to the creation. For he has No Similarity to the creation whatsoever.

  1. BLASPHEMY OF BELIEF- Denying the existance of Allah, believing that Allah is ignorant. Believing that Allah is a body, light, or soul. Believing that Allah has a son, brother, mother, father, partner.
    The one who falls into this category must immediately rectify their wrong belief and immediately utter their Shahada or else they will be a blasphemer for as long as they hold this wrong belief, despite his claims of being Muslim
  2. BLASPHEMY ACTION- throwing the Quran or any other Islamic paper in the trash purposely, intentionally sitting or stepping on them. Prostrating to the sun, moon, or any other idol, with or without the intention of worshipping it. Or writing verses of the Quran in urine. The one who falls into this blasphemy must immediately leave out their blasphemous deed and utter their Shahada
  3. BLIASPHEMY OF SAYINGS- Cursing Allah, His Prophets, His Angels, the Quran, or Islam. Even if one claims to be in a state of anger or humor. The one who falls into this blasphemy must immediately say their Shahada

  4. Blasphemers

    1. ORIGINAL BLASPHEMERS- Born into maternal and paternal blasphemous parents and reached pubescence in a state of blasphemy

    2. APOSTATE- Born Muslim. Both parents were Muslim but then they left Islam by committing blaspehmy