Hellfire and Paradise both exist now. They are both not a thing of the past, or something that has already occured, no.
They are existant now, people are in it now, those who have passed away of course.
The Shaytan (Ibliss) lurks in paradise right now, he is being punished.

  • It is obligatory to believe that hellfire, called Jahannam, exists, and is the everlasting place for torture

  • Allah prepared it for the blasphemers who chose blasphemy and refused Islam

  • The torture in hellfire is real and physical
  • It is existant now, located beneath the Seventh Earth

  • The blasphemers dwell there forever and will never leave it

  • The Muslims who committed many sins and died without repentance are of two groups
    1. Those who are relieved by the tortures of Hellfire by the intercession of the Prophet or another intercession.
      This group will, by the Mercy of Allah enter Paradise without any torture
    2. The other group will be tortured in Hellfire for a period of time then they will be admitted into paradise because they died on Islam