Conditions for the validity of the prayer


Conditions for the validity of the prayer

The conditions of the validity of the prayer are:

  1. Islam-
    this means that they prayer performed by a non-Muslim is not valid

  2. Reaching the age of mental discrimination-
    this is the age at which the child can understand when spoken to and respond when asked

  3. Ablution-
    this is a must for the person who would like to pray or else the prayer will not be valid

  4. Having purity in the clothing, body, and place of prayer-
    this is important because the place at which the person is praying should be pure from any nonexempted najasa

  5. Cover the unlawful nakedness-
    this means for the male to cover between his naval and knees, and for the female it means to cover all of her body except her face and hands

  6. One must know the prayer time has set in-
    this means that for the performer of the prayer must know for sure that the prayer time has set in

  7. One must be facing the Qibla-
    this means to direct one's chest towards the Qibla, this is to face to Holy Kaba in the honorable Makkah