Now let's talk about what fear is and how it affects us. Fear tears us down, to the point that it can affect our daily lives, because it is ALL!!! that we think about. So of course when you're driving to the supermarket you constantly see the creepy old ladies that you saw in your nightmare the night nefore. Everybody has some type of fear, whether it be "dogs, whistles, clothes, meat, cats etc..."
Whatever it may be YOU HAVE IT!! and you are terribly afraid of it. I know you are, I know for one thing I am for sure. Wanna know what I'm afraid of?...Hmm...? These suckas

You wanna closer look?


  1. Fear of the unknown

  2. There's plenty that we do not know. As human beings there are certain things in the presence of our existence that we do not know, or it's impossible for us to know. Since we do not know these things they fear us in return, we fear whether or not if they do exist. For example: "what happens to that person when he passes away?" Is there life after death? Do we really live life and pass away and go on to a next world? Hmm..? Questions like this have boggled the minds of manking throughout our entire history. And although some people may be able to find some form of comfort or solace in their own personal subjective faith the truth is never really revealed. And therefore that frightens us. Because we are in a state of incertitude our fear begins to manifest deep inside us until it grows so expansively inside us that we cannot contain it anymoe. Because after all, we (human-beings) like to know, we like to know what the weather is going to be like tomorrow, we like to know what TV shows come on the next morning, we like to know what day it will be tomorrow and the day after and the day after. And if we do not know than that frightens us, because our natural habit is to fear for the worse, considering is plausible and possible of occuring than we have to expect it, therefore that expectation frightens us. Because obviously, we do not want the worst to befall upon us!

  3. Fear of loss

  4. I think everybody has this type of fear at some point in their life. Because obviously everybody likes to win, winning is better. The feeling of being a winner is better than the feeling of being a loser. But nobody can win at all times, it's not possible. We know that it's an inevitable outcome, no matter how many basketball games I win, no matter how many math tests I pass. I'm bound to lose someday. We all expect it but none of us want it. And that's what we fear, the feeling of taking that "L"

  5. Fear of failure

  6. Everybody has this fear, EVERYONE! there is not one son of Adam that does not fear losing or failing. We all aspire to be winners and be on top, because we love that feeling. We want to win in everything. Any challenge that we come across we want to conquer it and achieve success. The feeling of loss sucks. If one has a really hard math test tomorrow, then of course they are going to study for that test so they can get a passing grade on it, why? Because if we fail than it won't make us feel so good and we are going to hate that feeling, so to avoid that happening we are going to study so we can get a passing grade on that math test.

  7. Fear of rejection

  8. Who does not have this type of fear? Tell me who does not fear being rejected? A couple times in my younger days before I found Islam I would often approach a really attractive girl and try to talk to her and possibly try to attain her phone number or contact information. My hopes for when I try to do this is that she will be inclined to talk to me and in return give me her phone number, though that wasn't always the case. What happened most of the time is that she would reject me or tell me, "I have a boyfriend". Which I knew was a lie. But after sometime of being rejected a number of times I decided to just stop trying because the feeling of being rejected SUCKS and I want to steer away from it as much as possible.