Hajj and Ummrah


Hajj and Ummrah

Hajj is among the most important matters of Islam. Performing Hajj or pilgrimage once in a Muslim's lifetime is obligatory upon every sane, pubescent and able Muslim. Hajj/pilgrimage has a special merit that other acts of worship does not. In that it clears one of all sins, enormous and small. For this special merit to hold one's intention must be sincere to Allaah. One's money used for Hajj must be lawful and one must avoid doing enormous sins. It is also an obligation to refrain from sexual intercourse during his Hajj. Among what indicates the special merit of Hajj is that it combines discipling oneself by spending money and effort in the way of hunger, thirst, staying up at night, overcoming hardships and parting from one's country, family and friends all in obedience to Allah the Exalted. The integrals of Hajj and Ummrah are those without Hajj and Ummrah are not valid. Therefore the Hajj of whoever leaves out an integral is not valid. Moreover it is not sufficient for one to make it up by paying expiation or the like. One has to perform this missed integral. The integrals of Hajj are six:

  1. The intention
  2. To be at Arafah
  3. To circambulate the Kaba seven times making sure that the Kaba is on one's left side. Starting with the black stone. It is a condition for one to be clear of ritual impurities
  4. To walk between the mounts of Safa and Marwa seven times. It is not a condition for one to be in a state of purification, however, one must start with Safa and end with Marwa
  5. Shaving or trimming the hair. This is satisfied by cutting at least three hairs. The woman trims but they do not shave
  6. The sixth integrals is the order

Integrals of Ummrah
  1. The intention
  2. Circambulating the Kaba
  3. To walk between Safa and Marwa
  4. Shaving or trimming the hair
  5. The order

The requisites of Hajj or Ummrah are the requisites that without Hajj or Ummrah is valid, but is an obligation to do. If left out slaughtering or giving an expiation can make up the requisite. If one leaves it intetionally than one is sinful. Among the requisites of Hajj are: To have the intention, to throw seventy pebbles at the three stations. It is also a requisite to perform the farewell circambulation. If one leaves one of the requisites one is obligated to slaughter a sheep. The one who is unable must fast ten days, three of which while in Hajj and seven when one returns home. As for the prohibitions for the man it is of two things: Covering the head, wearing clothes that cover the body by way of sewing, felting or the like. It is unlawful for the woman to cover her face and to wear gloves. It is unlawful for both men and women to wear perfume, remove fingernails, toenails and hair, conduct a marriage contract, and to hunt an Islamically edible wild land animal like the deer.