How did the universe begin


How did the universe begin

Thereafter, it was related by Al Bukhari that when the Prophet Muhammad SAWS was asked "how this universe started to exist" he said: "Allah existed eternally and nothing else existeed with Him. He created the Throne and placed it above the water. Then he ordered the Pen to write on the Guarded Tablet everything that will happen, then Allah created the Heavens and Earth.

The Prophet, may Allah raise his rank answered this question first by stating that Allah's existence does not have a beginning. He is eternal, there is no one attributed with eternity other than Him. Nothing existed eternally except Allah, and Allah created everything. He bought all the creations from nonexistence into existence. Allah did not create all the creations at one time. Had he willed for this it would have occured. Rather in six days He created the Heavens and Earth, and for Earth Allah created rivers, mountains and valleys. The wisdom of this is to teach us not to be hasty in doing things.

The first creation is water. In a Hadeeth related by ibn Abban the Prophet SAWS said what means: "Allah created everything from water" this also means that Allah created water before He created light, darkness, Earth, heavens, the Throne, or the Guarded Tablet. Allah made water the origin for other creations. He created the Throne from water, then He created the upper Pen, then He created the Guarded Tablet. After these creations Allah created the rest of the creations. The Earth, heavens, animals, mountains, trees and rivers. Adam was one of the last kind of creations, humans.