Invalidators of prayer


Invalidators of prayer

There are matters that invalidate the prayer. These matters should be known in order to avoid them. Some of the invalidators are:

  1. Speaking on purpose

  2. This means the person who is praying says other than the prayers statements. Even two letters or one meaningful letter, unless one forgets and speaks a little. However, mentioning Allah does not invalidate the prayer

  3. Eating or drinking

  4. If a person while remembering that he is praying eats or drinks on purpose, the prayer becomes invalid even if he eats something as little as a sesame seed

  5. Moving a lot

  6. If a person who is praying moves a lot in his prayer such as if he makes three consecutive moves the prayer becomes invalid. Making an excessive move invalidates the prayer, this means if a person praying makes a big jump and the like, the prayer becomes invalid.

  7. Moving to play

  8. Even one small move such as moving the tongue or moving the eyebrow for the purpose of playing
  9. Doing an extra integral

  10. If a person prostrates three times in one rak'ah intentionally, then his prayer becomes invalid

  11. Changing the intention

  12. If a person while praying intends to interrupt the prayer before finishing it, or he debates whether or not to interrupt it, or makes interruptuing it contingent on the occurence of something, this makes his prayer invalid. If one intends in his heart "I will stop my prayer if someone knocks the door, then the prayer is invalid immediately.

  13. Exiting the state of purification

  14. If a person's Wudu becomes invalid when praying, by passing gas for example, or the like, his prayer becomes invalid