December 22nd, 2017

First Sermon

  • Angel Jibreel asked the Prophet (PBUH) about Iman
  • Allah, books, all the Messengers, Angels, al-Qadr, the final day
  • We don't say that the attributes of Allah that they are bad
  • Allah accepts good deeds
  • Allah does not accept bad deeds
  • It is a mental impossibility for Allah to only create the good deeds and not the bad
  • They are saying that He's powerless over the bad deeds
  • It is clear that nobody creates his own attributes
  • The creation cannot create
  • The defeated one is weak
  • We are obligated to accept this
  • Never object to Allah
  • To be unjust is to behave or use other people's property in a way that's not acceptable
  • Allaah is not unjust because He is the owner of everything
  • To attribute Allah to unjustness is blasphemy
  • His punishment will not be unjust
  • Allah does in His dominion whatever He Wills

Second Sermon

  • Allaah praised the scholars
  • In the Quran it states that the people with religious knowledge are at a higher rank than those without knowledge
  • The scholars are the inheritors of knowledge
  • They make supplication for the knowledgable one
  • Ignorance in the religion is dispraised
  • Having religious knowledge is a sign that the person is on the path to success
  • Knowledge protects the rules of the religion from being tampered with

Jummah class

  • The one who is present physically and mentally is the one who is truly present
  • This life is a traveling place
  • This is not the situation we will be in forever
  • That is a reason for your grave to be enlightened
  • He asked the child why do we fear death
  • Because you have spoiled and ruined your hereafter by chasing the pleasures of this worldy life
  • Allah keeps His promise
  • We don't doubt in His existence
  • Allah exists, no partners, non neediness, there is nothing like Him
  • Allaah does not have a beginning
  • We need to be aware of this consciously
  • It's not difficult to teach the people the attributes of Allah
  • Memorize this more than your own name
  • You get enormous reward
  • Memorize by repetition
  • Congratulations for the person who did that