July 6th, 2018


  • The mother takes precedence over the father
  • Because of her compassion
  • The man was carrying his mother on his back while going around the Kaba
  • "Have I paid her back"
  • "Not even a little bit"
  • "But you have done good to her and Allah will reward you"
  • Allah has forbidden you from saying "oof" to the parents
  • If you say it than you have fallen into an enormous sin
  • Understand the importance of the rights of the parents
  • If one just refrains from doing what they say without breaking their hearts then sinful
  • Just like as they were merciful to us while they raised us
  • This supplication is specific to the Muslim parents only
  • No intelligent person would harm them
  • Be keen in being kind to the parents
  • May Allah forgive my sins as well as yours