January 12th, 2018

First Sermon

  • The whiteness of his clothing was very white
  • His hair was very black
  • He placed his knees on his knees
  • He placed his hands on his thighs
  • Their Iman is not valid without the belief in the Angels
  • There is no space in the sky that the Angels does not occupy
  • Because they are not humans
  • The wali is the one that increases their deeds, just one recommended matter
  • We don't say that the Angels don't have a choice
  • It's haram to say that Iblees is from the Angels
  • Prostrate before Adam out of respect
  • Iblees was the first to committ blasphemy and the first to committ the sin of arrogance
  • It's an obligation to love and to glorify the Angels
  • Cursing an Angel is blasphemy
  • This religion is not for us, it was revealed to us

Second Sermon

  • Allah did not order the Prophets to ask for anything more than knowledge
  • The religious knowledge is a weapon
  • There is a certain amount of knowledge that every Muslim is obligated to obtain
  • There are three types of people- knowledgable people, seekers of knowledge, those who have no knowledge and follow and believe anything
  • Our religion is based on authentic knowledge
  • It's haram to ask a non-trustworthy person for religious knowledge
  • Books are beneficial but they do not encompass the entire religion

Jummah class

  • The child's parents is obligated to teach the child these matters
  • Allah is not the origin in which things came from
  • Naming Allah "the father" is not Islamic
  • Even if that's not what you mean it's still sinful to say
  • It is not permissible to just come up with names for Allah
  • The things that we have never seen we cannot imagine
  • We cannot imagine the original water, the first creation
  • To imagine something that was created before darkness and light is impossible to imagine
  • The enjoyment of paradise are creations