Dec 7th, 2018

2611 S. 78th St. Phila PA


  • All praise is due to Allah
  • To fear Allah is the path to success
  • That's what made him like that, the fear of Allah
  • The word "haraam" has been removed from the Muslims' heart
  • To obey Allah will give you love from people
  • Whoever disobeys Allah will have darkness in his heart
  • They used to be powerful, but Allah took them down because of their wrongdoing
  • You will lose the knowledge, you will lose the wealth, you will lose everything when you disobey Allah SWT
  • "All of my Ummah will enter Paradise except for the one that refuses"
  • "The one who refuses is the one who disobeys me"
  • You have to stay away from the small sins
  • The small sins will lead to a greater sin
  • You have to care
  • You have to have jealousy in your heart
  • When you see something bad you have to hate it