Knowing 13 attributes of God


Knowing 13 attributes of God

The scholars said that it is obligatory upon every accountable person to know 13 attributes of Allah, they are: Existence, Onesness, Eternity, Everlastingness, Non-neediness, Power, Will, Knowledge, Hearing, Sight, Life, Speech and Non-Resemblance to the creation.

The explanation of these attributes is as follows: Existence- It's obligatory to believe that Allah exists and that there is no doubt in His existence, He exists without a place.

Oneness- Allah is One, without any partners in Godhood

Eternity-Allah is Eternal, there is no beginning to His Existence. He has existed eternally before the creation.

Everlastingness- Allah is Everlasting. His Existence does not come to an end, He does not perish.

Non-neediness- Allah does not need any of His creation, and they are all in need of Him

Power- Allah has Power over everything

Will-Everything taht occurs in this world is by the Will of Allah

Knowledge- Allah Knows about all things before they occur

Hearing- Allah Hears all what is hearable with an ear or any other organ

Sight- Allah Sees all what is seeable with a pupil or any other organ

Life- Allah is alive without a soul, skin or heart. His Life is not similar to ours. He is alive and does not die

Speech- Allah's Speech is without a tongue or a lip. His Speech is not a language. His Speech does not resemble the Speech of the humans

Non-resemblance to the creations- Allah does not resemble the creation in any way

I bear witness no one deserves to be worshipped except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. God knows best.