Obeying the Prophet


Obeying the Prophet

Allah said in the Quran what means: Take whatever the Messenger orders and refrain from whatever he forbids. In this Ayah Allah the Exalted orders us to obey and follow the teachings of the Messenger PBUH. This means for us to obey his commands and what he told us to do and what he told us not to do, because the Messenger is truthful in all that he conveyed.

Allah said in the Quran what means: The Messenger does not speak from his own mind, the Messenger says what is revealed to him from Allah. Everything that the Messenger informed us about is valid and true. This includes all matters that are permissible and forbidden. Also it's true of the stories of the Prophets that were before him, and even matters of the future like what will happen in this life and in the hereafter.

Among the news about which the Messenger PBUH informed us about is the torture that will happen to the Non-Muslims and some of the sinners Muslims in the grave. He also informed us about the enjoyments of the pious Muslims in the grave, the Day of Judgment, the reward, the punishment, paradise, hellfire, and other matters. So the pious believers Allah will illuminate their grave with a light similar to that of the full moon.