Loving God


Loving God

Love and hate are among the actions of the heart. It is obligatory upon the pubescent person to use these two emotions in accordance with the rules of the religion. One must love Allah, God, and what is in accordance with the rules of Islam. Also one must hate the devil and what he whispers of sinful matters. The pubescent person is obligated to love Allah, His Quran, and His Prophet. This is done by following the orders of Islam and avoiding it's unlawful matters. Also among the obligations are loving the companions, relatives of the Prophet, and the pious Muslims. Failing to love them is one of the sins of the heart. The companions are the companions of the Prophet SAW. They supported the religion and spread it, especially the earlier ones who emigrated with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and those who received him in El-Medina. The companions are the people who met the Prophet during his life and believed in him whether they knew him for a short or long time. As long as they died on the correct belief.
The relatives "Al" of the Prophet is a term given to the wives of the Prophet, such as Khadija and Aaisha. It also refers to his Muslim relatives, may Allah raise all their ranks. Loving the Al of the Prophet SAW is an obligation because of the merit they have. The pious Muslims are the ones who have performed all the obligations and avoided all the sins. Among this category are the scholars and the highly righteous Muslims, saints Awliya

Among what is also obligatory is hating the devil and the sins, additionally one must regret performing the sin.

We ask Allaah to purify our hearts