Making up Prayer


Making up Prayer

Al Bukhari related that the Messenger of Allah (PUH) said what means: Whoever misses a prayer due to sleep or forgetting, let him pray it when he remembers it.

Nothing else can be done to make up for it. So if a person slept through the whole time of a prayer, he still has to do the prayer when he wakes up. Also, if a Muslim forgets to do a prayer and remembers after the time of the prayer has passed, then the Muslim must still make up that missed prayer.

If a Muslim misses many prayers, the number of which he does not know exactly, he is obliged to make up the missed prayers until he is almost sure that there are no more prayers due on him.

The good pious Muslim does not neglect making up missed prayers. He rushes to make them up, he does not delay in making them up by indulging himself in what is not obligatory.

And know, may Allah have mercy on you that it is better to make up the missed prayers while observing the order of the prayers. So if one misse the dawn prayer for example, then he makes it up before praying Dhuhr. If a Muslim starts to make up his prayers with a firm intention to finish them all, and was not lazy in making them up, then he