Reward and Punishment


Reward and Punishment

Allah said in the Quran what means: Pious Muslims will have enjoyment in paradise, blasphemers will have enjoyment in paradise

It's an obligation to believe that Allah will reward the believers for their good deeds and will punish the nonbelievers for their blasphemy, as well as for other sins they have committed. Also Allah will punish whomever He Wills of the Muslim sinners in the Hereafter

The reward is whatever will please the believer in the hereafter. Examples are: Drinkinhg from the basin of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, crossing the bridge safely and then entering paradise, the place of everlasting enjoyment. As for punishment it's whatever agonizes people in the hereafter, like the subjection of the blasphemers to the heat of the sun on the Day of Judgment. And their entrance into hellfire, the place of everlasting torture. Also, some of the Muslims who die without repenting of their sins and whom Allah does not forgive will be punished in hellfire for a period of time. Then, by Allah's Will, they will be taken out of hellfire and admitted into paradise because they died as believers