Please note. He has no similarity to the creation whatsoever.


The Creator Sees. Oh does he see. Me and you ss human beings have a limted vision. Our vision is far from perfect. We may need a telescope or other type of equipment to see far off into space or to different stars in space, This is not like The Creator's vision at all. He sees all, withiut any organ or equipment needed, His sight is perfect. He sees all. There is nothing that the Creator cannot see. He sees what's going to happen now, he sees what has already happened in the past, he sees what's going to happen in the future. He sees. He sees. HE SEES. This is not to say that he is ignorant as to what is going to happen, oh no, the Creator is far from ignorant. We must remember that he is attributed with absolute perfect knowledge. Yes, He sees. It is He who sees and already knows what's going to take place. For example, let's say that one was in the process of fornicating. (We seek refuge from Allah for the sin of fornication). Now, it is Allah who wills for you to fornicate, even though He wills it and He knows it's going to take place, He still sees. For He sees all. Oh does He See. All praise to Allah for His perfect sight.

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