Take Heed

To The



In the name of Allah, Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim

Take heed to the call! Take heed to the call of Islam! The creedal statement of Islam is "I bear witness that nothing is worthy of worship except Allah (God), and Muhammad [the son of ^Abdullah from Makkah, Arabia] is the Messenger of Allah." This is all a person needs to say to embrace Islam. A person does not need to have witnesses or take a ritual bath (ghusl) to beocme Muslim. Islam is the religion for all people (regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender), and all the accountable (i.e. sane, pubescent, heard the basic call to Islam) people should embrace the Religion of Islam immediately without delay.

Praise be to the Creator (Allah)! Allah gave us minds by which we can distinguish truth from falsehood. We use common sense to make everyday decisions, and we can use common sense to make the most important decision in our life, which is, to believe the trurh about God (Allah). By using our minds, we can know what is appropriate to ascribe to God and what is not appropriate to ascribe to God.

Among the things we must know and believe about Allah (GOD) is that ALlah exists. We can use our common sense to recognize this fact. The universe with all its grandeur and complexity are obvious signs of Allah's existence! Allah is Adh-Dhahir, the One Whose existence is evident. Just as every watch has a maker and every building has a builder, common sense demands that ew recognize that this creation must have a Creator.

Among the things that we must know about Allah is that Allah is the One and Only Creator. It is impossible that there would be two alleged gods, for if these so-called gods disagreed with each other this universe would be destroyed. Common sense tells us that the sun cannot rise and set in the same location at the same time. So if one so-called god willed for the sun to rise and the other for the sun to set(in the same location at the same time) both are neither fulfilled nor broken. One of the twos will be fullfilled and the other broken. The one whose will was not carried out would be weak, and the one who is weak is not Almighty God, This is a common sense proof that there is only One God.

It is also mandatory to know that your God (Allah) is indivisible, that is, Allah is not composed of pieces or parts. Your Creator is eternal and everlasting. Allah is perfect and does not change. Allah knows everything and has power over everything. Allah hears and sees without ear, eyes, or instruments. Your Creator is alive and does not die, and the life of the Creator is not like our life.

Know that Allah is the Creator of everything, whether it be good or evil. The fact of the matter is that Allah created us, and owns us and does with us whategver He* wills. Allah is not to be questioned about what He does, but on the Judgement Day we will be questioned about what we did in our life. Allah created evil as a sign of His perfecft power and to demonstrate to the creation who is sincerely obedient and righteous and who is not. (Allah did not create evil to find out whether you would do it or not, because Allah knew what you would do before He created you.)

Your Creator is not like


Your Creator is not similar to the creation in any way whatsoever.
Know that your Creator has no shape or form. Your Creator is not a body and is not in motion or at rest. Your Creator is not a stone or a statue. Your Creator is not a light or the sun. Your Creator is not Buddha or Krishna. Know that your Creator is not Prophet Jesus or a cross. Your Creator is not a human or a father, and your Creator is not a soul (spirit) or a light. Know that your Creator is not in one or every location. Know that your Creator is not limited or contained by any or all of the directions. Your Creator is not comparable to anything and cannot be imagined in your mind. Your Creator is not an event or an occurence-hence, Allah is not affected by time. Allah does not tire or sleep. Allah, the Creator, is eternal, and Allah is as He was and always will be, without resembling or needing any of the creations. Allah does not need our worship, but we need to worship Allah!

Islam is the Religion of righteousness, justice, and salvation in the Hereafter. For a person to reach the Abode of Bliss, that is, Paradise, one must leave this world as a Muslim. Becoming a Muslim is so simple! All one needs to do is say and believe correctly in the Declaration of Faith. For all those who are not Muslim, take heed to the call and embrace Islam by believing in and saying the Declaration of Faith, which is:

" I bear witness that no one is God except Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah "

This is all that is necessary for one to become Muslim. One does not need to witness. Embracing Islam is very easy and should be done immediately by all the accountable non-Muslims. (The accountable person is the person who is sane, pubescent, and heard the basic call to Islam.) Islam is the true Religion of God and the only Religion that will grant us true safety and security in this life and the Hereafter. This is the key to everlasting Paradise and safety in the Hereafter. So please take heed. Take heed to the call of Islam!

May Allah enable us to follow the path of Prophet Muhammad and be resurrected under his banner on the Judgement Day. Praise be to Allah. Allah, the Glorified, knows best.