The Congregational Prayer

The Congregational



The Congregational Prayer

Everyday Muslims pray 5 prayers in congregation in the Mosques. There are some rules of the congregational prayer that should be observed.
  • The follower must stand behind the leader, their Imam, in prayer. And must not say the first Taqbeer, except after the Imam says it

  • The follower should make the intention to pray in congregation by saying in the heart, for example: "I now intend to pray the obligatory noon prayer in congregation
  • If praying a soft recitation prayer the follower and the Imam recites with a low voice in their prayer

  • In the loud recitation prayer after the Imam finishes reciting the Fatiha the follower recites the Fatiha in a low voice, and then he listens to the remaining loud recitation of the Imam

  • As for the Imam he says the Fatiha, and then he says "Aamen", and the Surah in the first two Rakkaths, all Taqbeers. And "sami allahu liman hamidah" and the closing "salam" out loud

  • The follower says "Aamen" with the Imam after the Imam finishes reciting Fatiha

  • The follower's actions should be after the Imam's and not before him

  • The follower for examples bows after the Imam bows, he straightens his back again after the Imam has done so. And he prostrates after the Imam's forehead reaches the floor

  • If there's only one person following the Imam in prayer then the follower stands a little behind the Imam to his right side, however if another person comes to pray following the Imam then both followers stand in one line further behind the Imam

  • The follower must not say the closing "salaam" before the Imam because if he does so his prayer becomes invalid