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The merit of knowledge


TThe merit of knowledge

The Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam said what mean: Seeking the obligatory religious knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim. Learning the religious knowledge is among the best things that one can spend their time doing. The safe path that protects a person and their family from hellfire is by learning the Islamic knowledge. In other words learning what Allah made obligatory upon us and leanrning what Allah orders us to avoid. Allah said in the Quran what means: Allah raises to higher ranks the believers and those of Islamic knowledge. It was also related by Al-Bukhari that the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam said: The one for whom Allaah willed goodness Allah guides him to be a knowledgable person in the religion.

Dear brothers in Islam, one will not be pious except if one learns and practices what he learns. This means that one must learn the matters of the religion and follow what one learned. The one that does this is the person that knows how to use one's heart and other organs to obey Allah, by this one will have good manners. One uses one's hearing to obtain the knowledge and one's tongue to review and teach what one learns. Among what one must avoid are the sins of the tongue. Among the sins of the tongue are:
  • Giving an Islamic judgement without knowledge
  • Refusing to teach Islamic knowledge while there's a student who wishes to learn
  • And refraining from ordering the obligations and forbidding the prohibitions while capable

  • Know that it is sinful to give judgment in the matters of the religion out of one's own opinion. This harms the one who does it. For example, if someone says such and such is allowed or not allowed. While one does not know the Islamic judgment, or whether it is allowed or not, one committs a major sin.

    The Prophet SAW said what means: Let the damnation of Allah, the Angels, and all the people be on the one who gives an Islamic judgment without knowledge. Refusing to teach the Islamic obligatory knowledge while someone wishes to acquire it is one of the sins of the tongue too. An example is refusing to teach without a religious excuse to teach the personal obligatory knowledge to a person who needs to learn it.

    Refraining from ordering the obligations and forbidding prohibitions is also among the sins of the tongue, but only if one is able to. So if someone sees another person who listens to advice leaving out the prayer one is obligated to order him to pray.