The rising of the dead

The rising of the dead

Among what the Prophet conveyed and is obligatory to believe in is the Day of Judgment, Resurrection, and Assembly

The Day of Judgement is also called the Day of Al-Qiyaama. It begins when the people come out of their graves and lasts until the people of Paradise reside in Paradise and the people of Hell in Hell. On that day the sun will be very close to the heads of the people, also many hardships will occur from which the pious Muslims will be saved. The people will be gathered on the Day of Judgment and their deeds will be presented to them. Also, their deeds will be weighed on the balance, one pan will hold the good deeds and the other pan will hold the bad deeds. Resurrection is when the graves open and the people come out of them for judgement. The bodies that have decayed will be recreated, these will be the bodies of other than the Prophets and the martyrs of combat. The earth will not eat the bodies of such honorable people, their bodies will not decay. Similarly, the earth will not eat the bodies of some highly righteous Muslims, walliys, saints, their bodies will not decay. After Resurrection. the people will be gathered at a place to be questioned about their deeds. This place is the changed earth. This Earth that we are on now will be changed on the Day of Judgement to a flat earth with no mountains or valleys.

The Assembled People are in three categories: The first type will be assembled, fed, riding, and dressed. These people are the pious Muslims who were in this life performing the obligations and avoiding the sins. The second type will be assembled, bare foot, and naked. These are the Muslims who committed the major sins. The third and final type will be assembled and dragged on their faces, these are the blasphemers.

It was mentioned concerning the torture of the arrogant people that they will be gathered having the size of ants but the shape of humans. As an insult the other people will step on the arrogant people but they will not die.