The sinful gossip


The sinful gossip

The wise person should be keen to protect his tongue from everything that is evil. Among what is evil is gossip, fabrication, and tailbearing. These three matters are among the sins of the tongue and are bad habits. Gossip is to mention a true matter about a Muslim in his absence in a way that he hates. If a Muslim person was short for example and he hated for that to be said about him and someone else said it in his absence "so and so is short". Then this is considered among the unlawful gossip, the Prophet SAW prohibited. Allah the Exalted said in the Quran what means: Do not make gossip about one another .

Fabrication on the other hand is mentioning untrue matters that a Muslim hates to be mentioned about him. It is more sinful than gossip. The one who listens to the prohibited gossip has commited one of the sins of the ear. One must forbid people to gossip.

Tail-bearing is also among the sins of the tongue. It is relating the word of one person to another with the intention of making trouble between them. An example of this is relating inciting words to two people with the intention of breaking them up or making them hate each other.