What is the obligatory knowledge


What is the obligatory knowledge

The Islamic obligatory knowledge is the knowledge that every accountable is obligated to know. It includes the knowledge of Islamic belief, cases of Islamic law, purification, prayer, fasting, and the like. It also includes knowledge of the rules pertaining to dealings and contracts. One has to learn also about the sins of the heart and body organs like the tongue, stomach, hands, private parts and the like.

Dear brothers in Islam, learning the obligatory knowledge of the religion from the trustworhy knowledgable people makes one able to discriminate between what is lawful and what is unlawful, what is valid and what is invalid, what is acceptable and what is rejected, in addition to what is classified under the Religion as good or bad.

With the knowledge of the religion one knows how to speak, what to speak, and for what reason one is speaking. One would also remain silent while knowing the reason behind remaining silent. With the knowledge of the religion one knows how to buy and sell and how to conduct a marriage contract. With the knowledge of the religion one knows how to be obedient to his parents and how to treat his relatives and neighbors kindly,

Based on the aformentioned our advice to you is to commit yourself to the sessions and the circles of the Islamic knowledge given by the trustworthy people. Listen, learn, comprehend, and ensure that the notes are accurate. In addition, try to pass on the knowledge to others exactly as it was taken without any addition or omission.