The thing about life is that the challenge for everybody is not to fall asleep

It's really easy to get into these perfunctory patterns

The right of your wife is that you spend time time with her

If the other person remind you then take the reminder, don't make it hard for yourself

Just let It Go, Don't hold on to it

You got a pleasure from making people feel miserable

You get a type of perverse pleasure

Cheerfulness and good nature is very contagious

Depression is very difficult to transfer to somebody

There are periods where discontent and displeasure may occur, these are all very normal

Love and kindness are human emotions

For a man who marries for the first time he should marry a virgin

Is Passion overcomes a man he gets incapable of reason

Sensual pleasure is a glimpse of the delight of the hereafter

What is more noble than life?

An animated person is a lively person

If someone is not married they can become hard. They soften up after they become married

Marriage does have an effect on your psychological state

Be happy and content with what Allah has given you

Praise your spouse

Extremism is when you are either too liberal or too conservative

Victory came to them because they reacted correctly

You planned to sleep, therefore you are guilty and responsible

Those who really love each other don't need to show, they know

Allah structured the Quran for students, so that people can learn, not for himself

Ihsan is that you worship Allah as if you see Him. And even though you do not see Him, [you know] He sees you

"The one you are asking doesn't know more than the one who is asking"

"The asked doesn't know more than the one asking

A slave girl will give birth to her master

Those who are shaded by the throne of Allah on Judgement Day:

1. A righteous ruler
2. 'A youth who grew up in the worship of Allah
3. A man whose heart is attached to the mosques
4. Two men who love each other for Allah's sake, meeting for that and parting upon that'
5. 'A man who is called by a woman of beauty and position but he says: 'I fear Allah'
6. 'A man who gives in charity and hides it, such that his left hand does not know what his right hand gives in charity'
7. A man who remembered Allah in private and so his eyes shed tears.'

A Masjid is a place of prostration

It's arrogant to say that you are a part of a party

It's our job to translate the Quran as accurately and correctly as possible

A servant provides a service

We're honored to be slaves

There's a possibility of ownership without complete control

He also has plans for what he owns and controls

He also has a plan for how we will mature and grow

All of that is part of Allah allowing you to grow

He does not just want you to grow but he also wants to maintain you

He's always talking bad about her and she's always talking bad about him. I'm over here like 🤐

The best way to win is to make those who are against you believe that you already lost

A gift is never deserved

You cannot complain if you never received a gift

Its rude to complain about a gift

Everything that we have Allah has a plan for

I give up on my computer and my phone when it stops working. But when me and you falter or stop working properly Allah does not get rid of us and replace us with others, even though he could

We give up on each other but Allah does not give up on us

Turning back in Repentance is a way of elevating your status

The word "Abd" means slave

Being humble means that you don't brag about your accomplishments

You don't forget about the mistakes that you made

Allah chose the name slaves for us and not just for us but for his best creation

You can fit 1.3 million Earth into the sun

Yes Allah is the greatest, but don't use that statement to justify a crime

Sometimes you lose your job in order for Allah to facilitate for you a better job

You are being trailed by Allah, he has to examine and test you

When you declare that you are a Muslim Allah will test you to distinguish your truth from falsehood

It is not permissible to say that if Allah like you then he will not text you

If you are losing right now then it does not mean that you are going to be a loser forever, the minute that you stop playing is when you finally lose

You are not a winner if your success makes you distance from Allah in any way

When you die the first thing that Allah will ask you about is your Salah

People should not depress you nor should you despair

He was modest

He was more shy than a virgin behind her veil

The test of prosperity and ease is more difficult than the test of Trials and hardships

Poverty will never dissuade you from what you believe

A person cannot be healthy or happy unless they manage the way that they think

People who are problem-focused always tend to have a high level of anxiety

If you turn to focus on a problem then over time it can be very debilitating

The people who make this life their primary focus Allah puts between their eyes poverty

No matter how much they have they always feel like they don't have enough, that is poverty

Those who put this life first they will always feel like they don't have enough

This idea of focus is very important

When you focus on the light it will go and when you focus on the darkness it will also grow

And there is no such thing as passive exposure

You have to be mindful of what you are focused on and what you are taking in

Whatever hurtful words that you may say to yourself can you imagine if you said the same words to your best friend?

What will happen to that relationship?

It will destroy the relationship

We have to guard our thoughts because our thoughts become who we are, but you have to remember that sometimes the thoughts that you have they are not you own

When you have a negative thought don't let it stay in your mind, replace every negative thought with a positive one

Indulging yourself does not make you happier

Money does buy happiness, but it only buys happiness when it is spent on others

But when it is spent on me it does not

This is secular psychology

The person who made this list never use Facebook a day in his life

Go and read your religion

You cannot be passive about your religion

Ghaleen, Mubtaleen, Jahileen

The first are those who are extremist. They know the religion but they are just so hardcore that they are decontextualizing in the religion

The second or those who have nothing to do with the religion but they just want to break down every Muslim

The third group are ignorant people

How did we reach where we are today?

The supreme authority lies with revelation

Read in the name of your Lord

Allah loved a couple so he took away their child

You prepare by wanting to be like them you love those people

It's the moment that we let go of hope that is when we drown

It is a process just like everything in life

Everything is created with a purpose

Is Allah help you than the heaviest thing can feel light

The staff that he has, he uses it to lean on and do other things , the staff is a false dependency of a creation

It's in the action that we actually embody these Concepts

I can't just have faith on my tongue

The knowledge can only be internalized when it is acted upon

Wisdom will grow in Your Heart by just sitting with them

Most Muslim cultures in the world are not used to polygamy

My first reaction as a Believer is I don't know what it is and if it's authentic or not but if it is authentic than I love it

"When you destroy an enemy ship in Assassin's Creed you get so many barrels of this or whatever"- May Allah bless Nouman Ali Khan for giving such great beneficial knowledge

My first reaction is I don't know if it's true but if it is then I love it

Without context you will understand almost nothing

We do not hate people we hate falsehood

Islam teaches us to have a complete hatred for falsehood

There's a certain age where you are just aggressive about everything

When people are happy they express their happiness in different ways. Most of the time when people are happy they express their happiness in a positive way, and sometimes in a negative way

A lot of people believed and disobeyed

Those who believe and acted upon their beliefs there are Glad Tidings for them in the hereafter

The only time that you should be sad and upset is when you know that Allah is not happy with you

Because Allah will fill up your heart with content and happiness

When Allah is happy with you there is no need for you to be sad

Whoever walks away from the remembrance of Allah will live a miserable life

Good deeds and actions without the proper belief is pointless

Do a righteous action while believing in Allah and Allah will make you happy

Darkness in the heart brings sadness

It's more sufficient for you to rely on Allah

Be the slave of Allah and don't be the slave of this world

Stress over something that is worthy of being stressed over

A person might be most vulnerae to Jinn possession when he or she forget about Allah

You tend to forget Allah at times of extreme emotion

A Hijab is not a symbol of oppression but it's evidence of a decision that a woman chose to make

The idea is to eliminate this Insidious aspect of human nature which is the idea that some people are superior to others

Race wealth and Beauty are all incidental

When you get news that is very important you do not just broadcast it, whether it is good or bad

The thieves will know where to go, because you broadcasted it

Whatever problem that you're having right now it's not permanent

We have to acknowledge the fact that we was the one that messed up

Justice it's a much bigger Concept in the Quran

Allah's laws can be used to do unfair things, don't be blind to that fact

In other words you have to protect yourself, you can't be naive to people who say I am doing this for the sake of Allah. People use that all the time to take advantage of people

Don't be tricked by that, we can't endorse that kind of behavior

Allah is the owner of guidance

The solution is very simple but it requires continuity

It is not only confined to when you commit sin

Our thoughts are always impacted by what we see because that is what reality is to us

Anything that you hold onto as a system in your life that you put into priority that is your religion

Atheism is quite new

Islam is a religion of peace and we don't fight people unless they fight us

It's a very materialistic world

Because it's the best method of keeping your mind away from God

The obstacle of distraction is materialism

Children and wealth is what most materialistic people want in this world

Every civilization in the world has some kind of festivals

These days that people celebrate are tied some major historical event

At the end of the day this day is a graduation ceremony for our father Ibrahim AS

At a very young age he was able to ask questions and make challenges that nobody else dared

One of the Tendencies of a young person is acceptance, you want to dress like everybody else, you want to be like everybody else

Instead of standing they rather be hidden in the crowd

The music that they listen to and how they spend their free time is all dictated by peer pressure

Our loyalty is to what is right

He won't back away from his loyalty with Allah

Your family is going to go to pain because you have submitted to Allah

Because you decided to stand by Allah, and your family might not like it

These are the sacrifices that you and I are going to have to be willing to make

When Allah love somebody he gives them Islam. That's why when you're a Muslim that's a sign that Allah loves you

Performing prayer is my life why because I am a Muslim

70 times the prayer is mentioned in the Quran

You lose that pillar than you lose your religion

Those who live in an Islamic State, they believe in the prayer and they know its benefits but they still choose not to pray, the prescribed punishment for them is execution

The order of prayer came directly from Allah to Muhammad with no intermediaries

Why don't you pray? Are you either too busy or too lazy?

The reality is how can you live without praying?

Those who are the most content are those who have a genuine link with Allah

He gave his aristocratic position amongst his people

He was not only patient but he was grateful

He had a natural inclination towards the truth

Your prayer is not for anybody other than Allah

This is a time for you to renew your Covenant with Allah

Everything is about the world, everything is about pleasure, everything is about luxury

The closest people to Allah are those who left the world for the sake of Allah

This does not mean that you cannot enjoy the things that you have but it is all for the sake of Allah

You pursue them for the sake of Allah

There are three 300,000 Americans losing their jobs every month

We don't Worship the Lord of prosperity, We Worship the Lord of prosperity and hardship

The companions were more afraid during the times of ease

Wenger expecting good things from Allah is a type worship

So you always have to be expecting good things from him

All the people that are scaring people, that is the way of the devil

We are a people of optimism

The Prophet SAWS loved optimism, he was an optimistic person, he never looked at the Darkside

He always knew that Allah was with him, and this is the difference between the people of Hope and those with despair

It is a mercy from Allah that we are veiled in this world

Yes I kiss children, in front of other men

We have to elevate our women, honor our women

The people that hate this religion the most are the people who become the strongest Defenders once they enter it

Their property is sacred and you should take those things seriously

When a good call is coming towards you do not delay

If you continue to obey Allah and his messenger none of ud's will be with the way

Physical happiness is the happiness that even an animal can have

There is a compartment inside of us, there is a need inside of us

We live in a world of distractions, we live in the world that makes us want to focus on the wrong things

Those things seem to be things that we can see feel or touch

What really matters are the things that we cannot see

Part of being successful is the ability of being able to navigate through your storms

We have to be firmly rooted

If it is snowing right now there's no way that we can make it stop snowing

We can survive the snow because we prepare ourselves

The human being is not actually that breakable, Allah has created us in a way that we are able to withstand the trials of this world

Salah is the first thing that is the oxygen of the heart

If somebody neglects their Salah than it's is like they're not breathing

A person who is not playing is internally dead, even though in their outward appearance they may look alive

There is a supplication for every motion of life

You're not in love you're just hormonal

You have developed a delusional concept of what it means to have love in your life

Our religion came to free us from this

You can be as attracted to the person that you like all of that is fine, but there is a decency that has to be established before that

You're still doing it, just stop, just cut it off, it's not good for you

It's okay to be attracted to a girl, Allah has put that in you

Control yourself, you have to control yourself, control your overly friendly demeanor

He's like a brother to me. No, no, that is not your brother. If you do not share the same mom then he is not your brother

And that's the end of it

All that should matter at the end of the day is how Allah sees you

These are Privileges and not rights, we tend to forget sometimes that not every human being gets to have these same privileges

He didn't let his wealth take over his heart

It's good to have wisdom when we deal with people

Because the attachment to wealth is so addictive

The reason as to why we studied them is because they were people of sacrifice

They have wisdom With Honor

They don't fight back but they don't get stepped on either

You are being indoctrinated to a new family

A million plus people commit suicide every year because of sadness and depression

We don't need the love of those who are not righteous

Allah is with you wherever you are

Allah is with us by his knowledge and understanding

Ford the people with Taqwa, it is a special type of I Am With You

The entirety of the Hereafter belongs to the people who have faith

When you are Resurrected by Allah you are uncircumcised, the way they you were when you was born

Those who have faith are in a safe place

The solution to every problem that you might face is to have Taqwa in Allah

The tragedy of our times is that the Quran is portrayed as a demonized book

All of these negative terms are used in regards to the Quran and it is carelessly and maliciously quoted

To create this sentiment amongst people to say that I rather never read this book

I wasn't reading the Quran the Quran was reading me

The external evidence is your conscience, the Quran is enough of evidence

The word of God is enough

I only find peace at the Masjid

Don't go there to talk people go there to talk to Allah

He will even guide you in your sleep

Do not be skeptical about the guidance of Allah

May Allah protect me and you from the fire

Allah is the Prime Focus for everything

To Allah Salat and Eeman are the same thing

Allah calls the entire Quran dhikr

The Quran is reminder

If we're not at the level of understanding Arabic yet at least get something out of the prayer

Alhamdulillah is two things: thanks and praise

There are other people who believe in God but the one thing that they don't have is Alhamdulillah

The Muslim cannot be depressed

We have to be a people of positivity

The focus of the entire religion is success

Psychologists say that the most productive emotion is the emotion of gratitude

If you feel grateful you will be very productive, you will be at the top of the game, you will be at your best

A tone of gratitude build success

The best approach is an indirect one

Try to be as indirect as possible

When you are Direct the devil loves it

This is reality, we have to deal with reality instead of getting mad at it

When you get that infatuated you don't care what anybody else thinks

That's not falling in love that is just your emotions, congratulations you are a teenager

Family will not resolve issues until you openly talk

Yes in Islam you have to obey your parents no matter what, but also in Islam parents cannot be unjust

In order to diagnose a problem you need to have the right side

The heart is the apparatus by which we see and understand the world

If our heart is not working properly then our understanding and sight of the world around us will not be proper

You have to polish the lens, the lens is the heart and that is how you are going to be able to see the world around you

Growth and change takes time

Today because of so many distractions in the world we are away from the words of Allah, the Quran

The speech of Allah is also a light

It is a light that will guide mankind

When he was asked if he saw Allah he replied there was a light how could I see him?

Although we cannot see Allah he gives us light in our lives and he gives us light in the Quran

Do it the right way and I promise you she will respect you and you will respect her

There is nothing wrong with liking someone

He was from amongst the first five to embrace Islam, Utthman

Abu Lahab told his son to divorce the prophet's daughter

When your wife is sick nurse her and look after her

"Shall i not be shy in front of a man in which the angels are shy of?" Regarding Utthman

He finished the entire Quran in one night

He prayed one cycle in one night and read the whole Quran

This is Utthman

He was the longest ruling Calipha of the four

Most effective cut was open to Islam during his time

He ruled for about 12 years

The grave is your introduction to your Hereafter

The punishment of your lord you can never be secure from

It's good to have hope and fear at the same time. Just don't be too extreme

Allah is not an angry God

If you are a good person then you connect yourself with Allah, because there is no one who is more good than Allah

If you are a good person then you would naturally attach yourself to Allah

There are people who hate Islam, a lot of the time that hatred is based on ignorance

Islam has promoted peace for many centuries

A lot of what we have today is based on Islam, whether you like it or not that is the truth

You are inciting and provoking people to do things that nobody wants to do and that is violence

The Muslims are being killed more than anyone else

Today it is very difficult to be a Muslim because it is hard to practice Islam when there are people who look at You Through The Eyes of skepticism

These videos and cartoons make people want to look more into Islam, and when they look more into it they realize that this is the truth

When we react with hooliganism we are now vindicating those who say that Islam is a barbaric faith

When you see negativity please react in a wise way , ask yourself what will Nabi Muhammad SAW do?

He would not do anything negative

Yes we will be provoked and yes we will be upset we have to remember to be proactive

No matter how much somebody tries to make a fool out of you they will only be making a fool of themselves

Your status is engraved and nothing will change it

That is enough to be granted the shade of Allah on the day of judgement

That is enough presentation to earn the pleasure of Allah so long as you did it for the sake of Allah

Be Aware of the day when you will be returned to your Lord

It is a message that the pious understood

he must also realize that there is accountability and the owner is going to ask him what he did

What's have you prepared for the return of your lord? So the man started to cry

You were shy of every eye but my eyes

Live Your Life In The Obedience of Allah and he would change all of your bad deeds into Good Deeds

Dhul Hijja is the twelfth and final month of the Islamic calendar

During this month Muslims from all over the world congregate to Mecca to visit the holy Kaba

Make effort as is worthy of him

No matter what we do we are always going to fall short in the worship of Allah and how he deserves to be worshipped

My prayer is always going to have errorrs I'm always going to mess up while praying and it is only up to Allah to decide if it is good enough

There is no way that you and I will ever do something that is good enough for Allah

There is no way to do justice to that struggle

Coming back to The Obedience of Allah is very difficult, it is a very difficult struggle

The only thing that can save them is their relationship with Allah

The reality inside only Allah knows

Most people do not even believed in the message at all

Don't worry about the speaker worry about the speech

we do this all the time, we look at the speaker before we listen to the speech

He's calling Humanity to pay attention without a bias

Those whom you worship besides Allah they will never create a single fly

Since they worship Allah so much they are such good worshippers and are very Pious, they will put in a good word to Allah for us since I am a dirty person and Allah will not accept my supplication

Today people have these ideas

If the fly was to take something from them like a piece of food they will not even be able to take it back

Eating outside was the most common practice back in the day

Natural food naturally flies are attracted to it and they will come around it

Religions that worship idols they naturally will put food in front of the idols

People will bring all kind of things and they will put it in front of the idols

This food that you have put in front of the idol cannot be touched

The idols still cannot prevent flies from coming in the temple and taking some of the food thats in front of them

They keep shooing the flies away because it will be blasphemy to let the flies come in and desecrates the temple

This secret and the one who is being sought both of them are weak

When you put another in your heart where it should only be reserved for the love of Allah you become vulnerable to being hurt you become vulnerable to being hurt and you may cause pain to others

It dictates how you live your life, what you do and how you do it, it dictates everything about you

Whatever you love most in your life is your master, simple as that

If that is money then you are a slave to money, if that is your spouse than you are a slave to your spouse

There is a wrong way to love your children

The dynamic to begin with from day one was unhealthy

Your life was never meant to revolve around your children, it is unhealthy

Actually your life is supposed to revolve around Allah

We've mistaken surface romance for a deep connection

Deep connection is about vulnerability

Deep connection is about compatibility

Prayer is the foundation of your relationship with Allah

The Prayer Will solidify your relationship with Allah

Your worth is way too high to just chit-chat

Ain't nobody got time for chit chatters

We need to reinstitute that tradition

People who spend more time on social media are more dissatisfied with their life

Do not ever look at social media and compare yourself with what you see

This idea that you are so lost in God that you cannot show affection, that's messed up

It all started by them getting into a bad environment

Anything that we have now is completely worthless in the sight of Allah.

The more that you have Allah in your heart the more light you have

The word text come from context

The generality of Allah being one is something that is Paramount to the religion of Islam

It is ambiguous from our perspective

In any type of ancient manuscript there may be some linguistic nuances for somebody to dip into

Why can't I smoke weed? Why can't I put a blow dryer in the shower while I'm taking a shower. There are certain things that yes it is there but you have to use it appropriately in a way which benefit you

When one smokes weed and it is not for medicinal purposes it does not fulfill the purpose of maintaining the health and ultimately maintaining the religion

Well Allah created it so therefore I can indulge in it, well that Indulgence how is it permissible and does that Indulgence have parameters?

Something may be ambiguous to you but not ambiguous to me, because I have studied it and you have not

Interpretation itself has its parameters, because your interpretation might be based off of your past or your background

Your interpretation might be to be rough with non-muslims

For you to interpret it without any process or method that has been sanctioned, that's where it can be problematic

No we do not say that homosexuality is permissible in Islam, but can somebody be a homosexual Muslim? Yes

We don't say that because they are homosexuals they are outside of the fold of Islam, no we do not say that. We say that homosexuality is a major sin but still they are considered Muslim

If someone says that homosexuality is okay based on the religion then that's what we have problem

Where is your proof in the religion that homosexuality is okay?

Your method of interpretation is it something that is sanctioned

Interpretation does have a Scholastic process, if one does not use that process then they will use their intellect to interpret authoritative text

What method did he use to interpret it like that?

Is his method of interpretation valid or not?

Knowledge is what increases your nobility in front of Allah and other people

Islam is the most academic structure of any knowledge , it comes from God

Attaining Islamic knowledge is a gradual process

The Arabs were semi nomadic people

You can be the worst human being to ever live but if you cling on to this rope of Allah then you will reach the Pinnacle of human achievement

I want to struggle until the Deen of Muhammad reaches every corner of the globe

The secret formula for Change and success is Islam

They are the ones who give the false sense of security to the ones who disbelieve

We can only be considered as Believers if we testifiy that he was the best to ever live

We will respect them because they are trying to deliver the message but we must remember that they are human beings and they make errors

Alexander the Great his mother used to tell him that you are the son of Zeus

Zeus in Greek mythology was was the god of Gods

She used to tell him that when you were in my womb I had this extraordinary experience and you are the son of Zeus

That is the upbringing of a righteous mother an intelligent mother

Ismail (AS) his mother brought him up

Allah told him that he was not from your family family he was an unrighteous son, he was not a Muslim

Bring up your children to become successful parents and to become successful upbringers of the Next Generation