Chapter 3

PTSD is very serious

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Christy screamed as she ran. Jason was right behind her.

GET AWAY FROM ME!” She said while running.

She ran around the warehouse and she started to go into the street where all the cars were at. As Jason was running, Arnold appeared above his head on the right side, he was hovering.

She’s going in the street.” He said.

John then appeared to the left hand side of his head.

Save her bro!” He said.

Jason knew what he had to. He had to save his wife from eminent destruction, before it’s too late. He picked up his pace and ran faster, he was now trailing right behind Christy. He extended his arm to grab her shoulder, instead he got a hold of her long black hair. He quickly let go of it. It returned flailing to her back. She was now in the street. A couple cars honked their horns as they sped past her and Jason.

GET OUT THE STREET!” One man yelled out in his car.

ARE YOU CRAZY?” Another man yelled out.

Jason’s heart started to beat really fast. He lifted up his legs high and picked up his pace, like he was at Football practice. He was now about two or three feet behind her. He extended his hand out again and grabbed her forearm. Christy began laughing. She tried to pull her arm away to loosen Jason’s grip, but she was not able to. Jason held onto her forearm and he pulled her in to his chest and he wrapped his arms around her. A Brinks truck then whizzed past them, only missing them about a few centimeters. Luckily they were on the side of the street where all the other cars were parked.

What’s wrong with you?” Jason asked as he held onto her and her head was pressed against his chest.

What’s wrong with you boy?? Don’t be trying touch me with your boogie finger.”

Why?” Jason

Cause that’s disgusting!”

Bae but you touch me all the time and you got cooties, you don’t see me whining.” Jason said.

Christy pulled her head off Jason’s chest and playfully slapped him on the arm.

I don’t have cooties!.” She said.

Bae yes you do, you’re a cootie queen.”

Whatever…” Christy retorted.

Bae foreal foreal… I gotta tell you something.”

What is it?” She asked.

There’s something that has to be made clear okay? I want you to listen very carefully.”


Jason placed his hands on her shoulders and looked at her directly in the eyes to let her know that what he was about to say is very important.

Bae you could’ve got hit by a car.” He said as he stared deep into her eyes.

Don’t ever do that again okay!”


Do I make myself clear?”

Christy gave a brief pause as she stared at Jason and twisted her lips.

Yes…” She silently said.

Jason then grabbed her hands and turned around and began walking the opposite direction.

Come on, let’s go.”

Then Jason let go of her hands as they were walking and he came to a full stop. Christy turned around and looked at him.

What is it?” She said.

Jason lifted his hand and pointed forward. “Walk in front of me.”


The Barbershop was not that full. About four people were waiting, and three people were in the chair getting their cut. The barbers that was in there were Brandon, Joseph and there was another barber that Jason never saw. A tall, burly, dark skin man with glasses.

Jason and Christy both went and sat down on the side in the seating area along with eveybody else.

You getting a cut?” Brandon asked,

Yes sir.” He replied.

Brandon then nodded his head. Jason turned to face Christy and held her hands.

Bae I wanna ask you something but I’m scared.”

What is it Jason?” She asked.

I don’t want you to beat me.”

Christy began laughing out loud. “You is so stupid!” She said in between laughter.

Bae it’s my PTSD, it’s acting up.” Jason said to Christy.

Omg…” Christy said as she rubbed between her forehead.

Bae you do not have PTSD.” She said.

Jason then let go of her hands and stood up.

YES I DO!” He said.

The doctor diagnosed me with it in the hospital.” He said.

A few months ago Jason was admitted in the hospital because he had been stabbed while he was at the store with Christy. The doctor only talked to him about his stab wound, there was no mention of PTSD or any other mental disorder.

Bae I need to get some medicine, but I don’t have any money.” Jason said

Mhmm… And what kinda medicine do you need?”

Some cannabis for medicinal purposes.” Jason said.

Brandon and Joe burst out laughing, along with two of the other people that were sitting down waiting.

Jason no! I’m not gonna help you in your bad habit, what do I look like?” She said.

Umm… A 4’11 caramel skin, Cuban chick with long black hair.” Jason said.

Whatever Jason, I’m not helping you, I don’t have any money.” She said.

Jason then sat down next to her. “Please bae, do it for the sake of Allah. PTSD is very serious, I could die if I don’t take my medicine.”


He nodded his head. “Yes it is. I think my cousin Elijah died from it a couple years ago.” Brandon said.

Jason then turned his head to face Christy again.

You hear that bae? Do you want me to end up like Elijah?”

You’re my wife! You’re supposed to help me in my time of need.” Jason said.

Not that kind of help.” She said.

Whatever…” Jason then turned away from her.

Come on man.” The dark-skin burly barber said. Jason got up and walked up to the chair and sat down.

What we getting today?” He asked.

Make it light, fade out the back.” Jason said.

The man smiled. “Okay, got you.”

That’s your wife over there?” He asked.

Jason guessed that maybe he was referring to Christy. “Yes sir, she is.”

You don’t think you’re too young?”

No sir I don’t.”

Yeah, you like her?”

I love her, that’s why I married her.” Jason said while laughing.

The man laughed along. “You want me to give you a tip?”

Yeah, what you got?”

Remember this young man: ‘no girl is unbreakable.’”

Jason thought about that for a few seconds, he wanted to ask the man what he meant by that, but he knew that the answer would just come to him sooner or later, so he decided that he would just wait.

How long ya’ll been married for?” The man asked.

A couple months.” Jason said.

He couldn’t even remember the exact date that they got married. He knew that Christy would flip out on him if she found out that he didn’t know. He would just have to look at their marriage certificate and find out. The man finished cutting the hair and started to shape it up. This was the last and best part. He was very careful as he shaped up the hair, he had to be very meticulous so as not to make any error. When he was finished he sprayed Jason’s head and applied alcohol on it. He then pulled out a mirror and showed Jason his head.


He then turned towards the man and shook his hand and gave him the money.

Glad you like it sir!” The man said.

What’s your name?” Jason asked the man.

Mr. Kem.” He said.

Jason shook his hand again. He then turned around and began to walk out the door without looking at Christy. She got up and followed behind him.

Bae where you going now?” She asked.

HOME!” Jason said.

Why are you going home?”

Because I’m bouta die, and when I die the last face that I wanna see is my mom’s or my little sister’s.”

Omg bae you’re not about to die, stop being a drama queen.” She said as she followed behind him.

He then stopped walking and turned towards her. “You obviously don’t know how I’m feeling?”

Christy stopped walking also and folded her hands and placed it on her chest, then she frowned.

How are you feeling bae?” She said.

Bae… My heart.”

What’s wrong with your heart?”

My poor tiny widdle heart…”

Jason placed his right hand on his chest and began to squeeze.

It hurts… right here!” He said as he squeezed his chest harder.

It’s beating really fast and I feel like it’s about to stop soon. I don’t wanna die bae, I don’t wanna leave my beautiful wife behind.” Jason said as he looked deep into Christy’s eyes.

Awwwww baby… You’re not gonna die.” She said.

Yes I am bae, I can feel it.”

When I die just promise me that you’ll do one thing for me.” He said.

Just tell my little sister and mom that I love them.”

Tears began welling up in Christy’s eyes. “Awwwww…” She silently said.

Then she went into her purse and pulled out another $20 bill and gave it to Jason.

Jason held out his hand as she handed him the bill.

I cannot accept this.” He said.

Why not? I’m giving it to you.”

Yes, but you are reluctantly giving it to me. I know that you are still in a state of incertitude. I cannot take it unless you are truly giving it to me freely and willingly.” Jason said.

Yes I am bae, now take it.” She opened up Jason’s palm and placed the bill in it, then she closed it back up again.

Jason then placed the bill in his pants pocket and held Christy’s hand and looked her deep in the eyes.

I love you.” He said.

Mhmm… I’m sure you do.”

What’s that suppose to mean?” Jason asked.

You only love me when you get what you want from me.” She said.

Noooo… That’s not true.”

I love you unconditionally.”

So if I didn’t look this way and if I wasn’t always giving you money you would still love me?” She asked.

Uhh… yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s part of the definition of ‘unconditional love.’” Jason said.

Christy sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes. “Bye boy!”

My feelings for you are sincere Wallahi!” Jason said.

Jason… I’m not dumb.” She said.

I know you be lying and playing me.”

Sometimes I allow you to do that, because I want it.”

John then appeared over Christy’s head. “Bro what is she talking about??” He said as he twisted his lip.

Yeah you be playing her, but it’s not your fault. If she wasn’t so gullible!” John said.

HEY, YOU KNOW WHAT? YOU’RE RIGHT JOHN!” Jason said out loud.

Christy squinted her eyes and gave Jason a peculiar look. “Who the hell is John?”

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