Chapter 6

The Make Up

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Christy continued to lay on the bed while hugging the pillow. She didn’t know that Jason had left. She heard him getting up from the bed and leaving the room, but she only thought that he went downstairs. When she got up from the bed and went downstairs and saw that it was vacant, she was shocked.

JASON!” She called out, but there was no response.

She then went and sat on the long white couch in the middle of the living room. She folded her arms and sat her chin on it. She started to get pensive and think to herself. Maybe she shouldn’t have told Jason off. She didn’t want him to really leave, she just wanted... She didn’t know what she wanted.

She then pulled out her pink iPhone from her pocket and turned it on. There were a few message notifications from Synquetta and Shay, but that’s not what she was concerned about. She went to her dial pad and dialed Jason’s number. The phone rang once, no pickup. It rang again, still no pickup. On the third ring she thought that he was going to pick up, but no luck. It was the fourth ring that he decided to pick up.

Hello.” He said in a sleepy tone of voice. Christy guessed that he was either getting ready to go to sleep or just waking up. She figured the latter.

What r u doing? Why did you leave?” She asked.

Jason gave a big stretch and yawned.

I’m at the crib shordy.” He said.

There was a slight pause on the phone, then Christy spoke.

Why did you leave?” She asked.

Cuz I don’t like the way that you acting.” Jason said.

Jason, I’m not acting no way!” She replied.

Whatever.” Jason said.

She held her hand up to her mouth and started biting her finger nails.

R u gonna come back?” She asked.

Yeah... tomorrow, once you get rid of your stank ass attitude.” Jason said.

Christy sighed heavily.

Jason, I don’t have an attitude.” She said.

Whatever, I’m finna go to sleep, I’ma holl at you later.” Said Jason.

Wait, but why can’t you come back?” Christy said, she wanted to be with Jason again. She longed for his warm embrace, his voice, his touch.

Cuz I’m finna go back to sleep.” Jason said.

Why though? It’s not even that late.” Christy said.

Cause I already prayed Isha, now I’m going to sleep.” Jason said.

Or you can just come over.”

I don’t want to though.”

Why not?”

Jason didn’t say nothing. He gave a long pause.

Goodnight yo.” He finally said.

Ugh! Whatever Jason, idk why you always...”

CLICK!” Jason hung up the phone on his end.

Christy turned off the screen on her phone and threw it to the side on the couch.

Stupid ugly boy!” She said while continuing to bite her finger.

Her mother, Crystal Angela was at work at UPENN and she will not be coming home until later on tonight around midnight. Her father, Frank is all the way in New York. He works at a bank and Christy does not have a good relationship with him. She had the whole house to herself and was alone. Christy figured that she could’ve called some friends over, like she always used to do whenever she got bored. But that’s not what she wanted.

After a few seconds Christy picked up her phone again and went on Facebook. She went to her news feed and updated her status. “Baeless for the night..."

She then went upstairs to her room and changed her clothes. She changed into a black sleeveless summer vest, which hung all the way down to her waist. And she had a short sky blue ripped jeans, which only went down to her knees. Then she went in her mother’s room into her closet to grab her black high heels to put on, surprisingly they wore the same size. She wore a size five, and her mother wore a size four.

After she put the heels on and got dressed u,p she went to the upstairs bathroom, that was where the big mirror was at. She turned around for a back shot, then she stood still and posed for the camera and took a few shots. She knew exactly what she was doing, she had a plan.

After she took a few shots on her phone she made a collage and uploaded them to her Facebook, with a caption of “just something to post”. She held the phone in her hand and went back downstairs and sat on the couch in the middle of the living room. She smiled to herself and waited for her plan to unfold.

Just as she expected, a half minute later her phone began ringing, it was Jason calling.

Hello...” She answered while still smiling.

Delete those pictures NOW!” Jason said through the phone. He was still half sleep, but seeing the pictures that she posted woke him up fully.

Why?” She asked quietly.

Christy I am not playing with you, delete those pictures now. And delete the status that you just posted. I told you I do not like when you put our business out there like that. You putting thirst traps out there for everybody to see, I don’t like that. You’re MY WOMAN, OKAY! MINES!”

Christy began giggling to herself. “So what do you want me to do Jason?” She asked.


Christy was still smiling. “Are you mad at me?”

Jason sighed heavily. “Just delete the pictures, I already told you...”

What if l don’t want to?” She said.

Jason quickly hung up the phone. About five minutes later her doorbell began ringing, she already knew who it was.

Yes, who is it?” She asked.

Open the damn door!” Jason replied.

No.” She said.

Jason started fuming, he then balled up his fists and began banging on the door and kicking it with his feet. Christy held her hand up to her mouth and gave a loud scream.

YOU’RE GONNA BREAK THE DOOR JASON!” She yelled out. Her hand was still covered over her mouth.

OPEN UP CHRISTY. I’M NOT PLAYING WITH YOU!” Jason said while still banging on the door.

You gotta promise not to do nothing when you come in!” Christy said.

Ard, I promise.”

Christy then walked towards the door, she carefully put her hands on the doorknob and turned. Then she ran down to the opposite end of the wall and crouched down.

Jason swung the door opened and entered. He saw Christy crouched down by the wall and slowly approached her.

Gimme your phone.” He said to her.

Christy quickly lifted her hand up and pointed.

It’s on the couch.”

Jason walked over to the couch. He grabbed the phone and opened up the Facebook App, he deleted the status that she just posted and all the pictures. But he didn’t delete the pictures off her gallery though.

Afterwards, he threw the phone back on the couch and walked up to Christy again by the wall.

What did I tell you about doing dumb things like this?” He asked her.

I can do whatever I want Jason, you don’t own me!”

Jason then bent down and squeezed Christy’s cheeks together, he was now looking at her eye to eye.

Don’t ever disobey me! Do you hear me?”

Christy didn’t say nothing. She just looked at him back in the eyes.

Jason then released her, then he turned around and started treading towards the door. He was dressed in his pajamas. He had on a black knit rib crew neck long sleeve pajama shirt, with a gray tall solid fleece pants.

Where you going Jason?” Christy asked him as he walked.

Jason turned his head slightly. “Home!”

Por Que?”

Cuz I’m tired and wanna go to sleep.” Jason said.

Christy then stood up. “I can always take more pictures and...”

If you do I’ll kill you, Wallahi I will!”

Well I guess you’re just gonna have to kill me then Jason.” She ran towards the couch and picked the phone up, and then she ran up the stairs.

I’M NOT PLAYING WITH YOU CHRISTY!” Jason bellowed to her up the stairs.

When she didn’t respond he held on to the hand rail and ran up the stairs.

When he entered her room there was nobody there, the lights were off, he looked around and couldn’t find a trace of Christy anywhere. When he was ready to shut the door and go look elsewhere he heard giggles in her bedroom closet. Jason figured that’s where she must be at. He then began walking to it. When he got a few inches away from the closet door Christy swung the door open and ran to the bed and climbed on top of it.

Jason immediately followed her. When he got on top of the bed Christy held up the huge white blanket and dove in it. She was still giggling.

I’m glad you think this is funny.” Jason said and held the blanket up and went inside of it as well.

It was completely dark but Jason could still see Christy, her long black hair and perfectly white smile. He grabbed her chest and wrestled her down.

I hate you!” Christy said to him.

I hate you back.” Jason replied as he looked at her in the eyes.

They began wrestling, as they were on top of the bed. Jason’s hands somehow went underneath her backside and he became stimulated. He stopped wrestling with her, he looked at her in the eyes and buried his tongue in her mouth. Then he began kissing and sucking on her neck. Christy started moaning silently as he did this. Then he wrapped his hands around her body and took off her clothes.

Christy placed her hands on Jason’s cheeks and gazed into his eyes.

Make love to me Jason.” She said.

She didn’t need to say it a second time, Jason then laid on top of her and buried his head in her chest. Then they made love underneath the blanket until the following morning.

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