Chapter 1

What Is This?

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Christy cringed as I squeezed her wrist. “Daddy you’re hurting me.”

“Don’t ever tell me what to do.”

“I’m sorry daddy.” She said as tears began to fall down her cheeks.

“Don’t be sorry child be careful!”

Christy then lowered her hands and slid her hands inside my blue hospital pants. She grabbed “it” and began to tug and pull on it.

“Daddy I can have it?” She asked.

Her fingers were warm and very live. She began to tug and pull on “it” as it grew in size and became denser.

“I want it Papi.” Christy said as she stared deep into my eyes.

“It’s yours.” I said.

“It’s all yours.”

Christy placed both her hands on my chest and slid down my upper body. When she got down to my ankles she lifted up my green hospital gown and pulled down the blue hospital gown I had on. “It” became denser and the texture of it resembled that of an oak tree. Christy placed her fingers on the surface of my boxer briefs and she rubbed down.

“I’m gonna put it in my mouth okay?” She said.

I didn’t reply. I only looked at her and nodded my head up and down. Christy then lifted up her right index finger to her mouth and licked and spat on it. Then she delved her hand inside my boxer briefs and began to tug on “it”. Her fingers were warm and most with saliva. “It” stood straight up and many veins were apparent on “it”.

“I want you to put it in your mouth okay?” I said as I began to rub the side of her cheek.

She nodded her head up and down. “Yes daddy.”

“Just put it in your mouth okay baby, you’re so beautiful.” I said.

Christy licked her palm again, the she took “it” out and began to massage it. She then stuck her pink tongue out and gently licked the tip of “it”. My body rose as she did this, her tongue stuck out of her mouth like a rattle snake.

“I hate you.” I said to her.

Christy smiled and began to laugh. She then put her tongue in the little hole at the tip of “it” as she stroked “it” with her hand. My eyes closed and my legs quivered, my toes curled up. I began to feel a cramp manifest in my toes. The feeling went away quick as I ignored it. She then drew her tongue out from “it”, then she slowly put the rest of it in her mouth as her mouth salivated. She made gargling sounds with her throat as she did this. She then grabbed the edge of it and slapped it across the side of her cheek multiple times, until they turned red.

“You’re so beautiful, I love you.” I said to her.

Christy lifted her eyes to look at me as “it” was in her mouth. She smiled.

“You’re so silly baby.”

“First you hate me, now you love me.

She grabbed the end of it and pushed it against the side of her jaw as it was in her mouth. She then put it back in the center of her mouth and began to play with “it” with her tongue. More saliva formed in her mouth as she did this. She then grabbed the end of “it” with her hand and gently bit down and began to chew on “it”.

“Papi, it tastes so good.” She said.

I tried to respond, but I was unable to. My mouth was slightly opened and drool was coming out of it. I reached with my hand and brushed her long black hair from the side of her face. She continued to stroke it with her hand as “it” was in her mouth. Again, I tried to open my mouth and speak but I was unable to. My eyes were closed and my head was tilted back with my mouth open.

“AAHHUU!” I said.

Christy lifted her head up. “What did you say bae?” She asked.

“AAAHHUU!” I said louder this time.

I wanted to say “I love you” but I was not able to make out the words.

“You love me?” She asked me.

“Is that what you said?”

I nodded my head slowly up and down. Christy looked at me and smiled.

“I love you too baby.” Christy said as she continued to stroke “it” up and down with her hands.

“Papi don’t ever leave me okay?” She said.

I nodded my head as more drool fell down my hospital gown. She stopped sucking it and looked at me.

“You won’t ever leave me?

I swallowed the spit that was in my mouth and licked my lips.

“How can I leave the most beautiful girl in the world?”

She looked at me with starry eyes. “Awwwww…” She said.

“You’re so special to me baby.” I said as I rubbed the side of her face.

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