Ya Rabb, I call upon You Mughnee(Enricher)
I call upon You O Qaadir(Omnipotent)

Jeehad is a pious Muslim Ya Rabb. Please bless him to get a car and a house. Ya Rabb Jeehad is at Jummuah every Friday. He fulfills all of his five prayers. He always repents to You. He abstains from all the major sins. Twice a week he gets up in the middle of the night and prays Tahajjud. He does all of this for the sake of You Ya Rabb. His purpose for existence is only to please You. He has surely attained Taqwa. Please Ya Rabb, bless him to get a house and a car. His certitude will increase in You. His faith in You will increase. He will be more pious and this will make Him a better Muslim. Please Ya Rabb, give him a nice house and a car, please. I BEG YOU!!!!