Jason- Main character. Jason is 13 years of age, he is in 8th grade. He lives in

Philadelphia, PA with his father, mother and little sister Cynthia.

Jerry- Jason's best friend. Also 13 years of age. He goes to the same school as Jason.

Jerry is like Jason's brother, they have both been friends since 1st grade. Jason shares

everything with Jerry, though Jerry doesn't always share everything with Jason.

Cecilia- Jason's little sister, 10 years of age.

Mohammed- Jason's father. Mohammed is born in the African country of

Liberia, he came to the states when he was 33 years old, he's 55 years of age now.

Lisa- Jason's mother, 45 years of age. Lisa is born and raised in the city of Philadelphia.

Christy- Christy is the same age as Jason, she goes to the same school as him and

the same age as him. She is African American and Puerto Rican.

Christy is Jason's wife.


Ms. Senkow- first block biology teacher

Mr. Keen- second block science teacher

Lunch- third period

Darrel- Jason's friend at school, local rapper, also computer whiz

Miss Liz- Renownened African-American female rapper/singer

Fourth period- gym class, Mr. Bulk

Jahlisa- sits next to Jason in fourth period gym class

Sebastian- very quiet and timid boy in Jason's fourth period gym class

Fifth period- last period, Algebra class with Mr. Spica

Violet- Christy's best friend

Roxanne- Christy's other best friend

John & Arnold-