Chapter 1

Vague Demeanor

Why not?” I asked.

I just don’t want to Vague! I don’t want this, I don’t want you.” Cindy said,

Wow, all this because of one picture?” Vague said,

It’s not just one picture, this is the fourth time this month! People keep sending me pictures of you with various random girls and you keep denying it, but I know it’s you Vague. I’m not stupid!” Cindy said.

I never said you was.” I said.

Cindy scoffed and flailed her hair with her hand. She has long hair which stretches out to the ends of her shoulder, and it’s dyed all white.

So you don’t wanna be with me anymore?” I asked.

She lowered her voice and stared straight into my eyes.

I never said that Vague. I just want you to... appreciate me more.”

Bae I do appreciate you. You’re the love of my life.” I said.

She smiled and looked away to the side.

And you have the most beautiful smile in the world. You’re so pretty.” I said.

Cindy grinned slightly and lowered her head. I reached over with my hand and subtly caressed her cheek. She lifted her head up slowly and looked in my eyes, I looked back. As we both stared into each other’s soul time seemed to freeze. Everything froze, my heart froze. Her mouth slightly opened. I slowly reached over...

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