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The following morning came by quickly. I didn’t have to worry about Cindy breakfast after my Fajr prayer because she would not be going to work, so she was responsible for making her own breakfast. After she woke up and ate, we hopped in her small red Chevrolet and drove to the salon.

All eyes fell on us as we walked in. Surprisingly, there were quite a few people in there. I could feel the stares of all the girls that were in there, even the hair stylists. Me and Cindy both sat in the waiting area. She picked up a magazine, then she folded her legs and began to read. I was playing with my phone.

After about a half hour she got up to go to one of the hair stylists and sat down on the black chair. A random girl came and sit down in the waiting area where Cindy had been sitting at. She was light-skin, had curly hair and was very curvaceous. She tried to act like she was on her phone but I caught a couple glimpses of her glancing at me. I glanced back and gestured my phone towards her.

Put your number in my phone.” I simply said to her.

She looked up from her phone. “Why?”

I didn’t say nothing back, just smiled and subtly nodded my head.

Isn’t that your girlfriend over there?” She asked me.


Ten minutes later I was in the girl’s car with my tongue deep in her mouth. Then out of nowhere Cindy appeared.

She opened the passenger door and slapped the girl on her face. Then she opened the car all the way and pulled me out of the vehicle.

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