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I knew she could feel me fingering around in there. But still, she let me continue.

You have no reason to be stressing yourself out. You’re strong, smart, and you’re brave.” I said.

Look at me okay honey. I’m always going to be here for you.” I added.

She silently began to weep.

Aww baby. Why are you crying?” I said to her as I held her shoulders and looked into her eyes.

I’m just so glad that I can have you as a friend.” She said.

I pulled her in and hugged her tightly again.

Come here you!” I said.

After about three minutes of hugging, I let her go and gripped her shoulders, then I looked in her eyes. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. I took my index finger out of her buttcrack and licked it, then I gently wiped away the tears that were falling down her cheek.

Don’t cry, okay?”

She nodded her head slowly.

I want you to know I’m always going to be here for you okay? You can always count on me.” I said while gazing in her eyes. Then I kissed her cheek.

Are you hungry? What did you eat?” I asked.

Not really. I had a granola bar this morning.”

I let go of her and crunched up my face. “That’s not enough!”

Then I quickly got up and started walking to the kitchen.

It’s okay Vague. I’m really not hungry.”

I ignored her statement and opened the fridge in the kitchen. I got out some eggs, turkey bacon, and a few slices of cheese. I was going to make her an egg and cheese omelet.

You want tomatoes or onions on your eggs?” I asked her.

My master plan was unraveling just the way I wanted it to. Cindy was at the hospital getting her checkup for the baby, she was going to call me when she was ready for me to go pick her up. Which won’t be at least for another two hours. And Ahna was at work and won’t be home until later on in the evening.

And I was all alone with Biiiaannncaaa!😋

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