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Vague laid there. Both the 15 year old Vague and the 25 year old were both laying down. The only difference was that in the case of the 25 year old Vague, a beautiful girl was laying down next to him.

Vague looked over at Bianca, she was so beautiful. He started thinking about his other wife, Cindy. Cindy was his favorite undoubtedly. This is because Cindy is the mother of Al’ahna, and Al’ahna will be his favorite child out of all his future progeny. He started thinking back to Cousin’s Supermarket, where he was first introduced to the young Cindy Stone. Cousin’s Supermarket is very renowned in the city of Philadelphia, Cindy lived in Somerdale, New Jersey. But she had taken that hour long trip with her mother because they wanted to come to Cousin’s.

Could you please show me where your box of cereals are at?” Vague asked Cindy.

Cindy was knelt down on the aisle looking at the canned goods.

Sorry, I don’t work here.” She said.

It was love at first sight, she was the most beautiful girl that he had ever laid eyes on. He knelt down with her on the aisle.

Can I have you?” He said.

She chuckled. “Excuse me?”

You are the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen in my life. I want my daughter to have your eyes.” Vague subtly held her hands and said. He looked deep into her eye

Awwww...” Cindy’s heart was flushed. She didn’t know how to react or what to say. Even though she had just met Vague and didn’t know anything about him, she knew that he was special and that she could trust him. Why could she trust him? His stare. He had this look in his eyes that she was fond of. When he held her hand in his she felt warm and calm, she felt completely serene. She felt as if everything was going to be okay.

I don’t live around here.” She said.

I don’t care.” Vague responded.

I would traverse the Earth just to be with you.”

His eyes shone as he stared at her.

What’s your name?” She asked,

Whatever you want it to be.” Vague replied.

Cindy laughed. “Foreal though?”

Do you think I’m cute?” Vague asked.

Cindy laughed again and playfully slapped Vague’s arm. “WHAT IS YOUR NAME?”

You have a pretty laugh.” Vague said.

Cindy blushed. “Thank you.” She said, then she stood up.

You’re not that tall though.” He added.

Cindy covered her mouth with her hand and hid her smile.

Whatever.” She said.

Cindy thought that Vague was cute. His dark skin complexion, his approach, his words.

What’s your name though foreal?” She said.

Vague stood up and extended his hand towards her. “Vague. Nice to meet you.”

Cindy immediately fell in love with his height. “You’re tall.” She said, then she shook Vague’s hand.

I’m Cindy.” She said.

You will be my cinderella.” Vague exclaimed.

That’s how it all started, Vague thought as he laid on top the hotel bed. Every time that he turned his head to look at the sleeping Bianca he was reminded of Cindy.

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