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I looked at Ahna in the face for a couple of seconds. Then I looked down at my hand as I thought more about the question that my mother was asking me. I mean... “Do I really like Cindy?”

I thought back to when we first started dating at Penn Wood High School. She used to cook food for me at her house then bring it to me during lunch at school. She helped me do most of my senior final project in 12th grade. Multiple times, she got suspended at Penn Wood for getting into a fight with girls who liked me and wanted to be with me. On my 18th birthday she took me to the strip club, and even got on stage and danced for me and gave me a lap dance; She’s been there with me through it all.

Like” was an understatement. After all these years my feelings for her has strongly developed. I... I... but I didn’t know how to say it.

I looked towards Ahna. Perhaps I should just tell her yes. But that wouldn’t be the complete truth either, and my mother deserves nothing but the absolute truth from me.

I gazed at her and slightly opened my mouth. I was going to say it but then I paused.

Somehow, she was able to read the expression on my face and I knew she knew. She gently placed her hand on my lap.

Then you have to show her.” She said.

I was struck with the same question again.

How?” I asked her.

By being honest.” She said.

I looked at her again with bewilderment in my face. Again, she was able to read the expression on my face.

The same way that Alfred did.” She said.

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