I was wrong, she had not prepared bacon, only eggs, tea, and some other African type of African food I never seen before. It was similar to fufu in color, but the texture was different. It looked a bit thinner. Fufu is a type of African food which is very thick and white, it is very similar to condensed flour soaked in water.  

            “You hungry?” Asked my mom.   

            “Not really”. I weakly replied. “But what you got cooking though?”  

            “Nope, since you’re not hungry then you don’t need to worry about it” said my mom.  

            I could hear rain drops hitting the roof abruptly, the weatherman said that it was going to start raining later on this evening, again they was wrong.   

            “Mom can you please drop me off, I really don’t feel like walking under this rain?” I asked.   

            “You know I have to go to work in a little while Jason, I’m not going to be able to make it, ask your father.” My mom replied back  

"Ma he's not back yet, he's not coming until 8:30, please Mom it's really raining hard." I said.  

"It's not even raining that hard stop acting like a girl." My mom said as she plucked a strand of hair from my nose.  

"But okay, eat breakfast first and I'll see what I can do, but hurry up I have to leave soon." My mother said with a sigh.  

I jumped with excitement."Okay, thanks mom." I gave my mother a soft peck on the cheek to show her my gratitude. Then I quickly sat down and proceeded to stuff my face with eggs and tea, then I grabbed a few paper towels from the table I was sitting at to wipe my mouth and face. My mother had gone upstairs by the time I sat down to eat, I could tell she had gone to take a shower. "MOM, I'M DONE!" I yelled aloud so my mother could hear me. There was a brief pause as I waited for her to reply. I was beginning to think maybe she hadn't heard me. I was about to yell out again when I heard my mother saying, " OK, I'M COMING!" My mother replied back. I sighed and went to the living room to sit down on the couch and watch TV. I knew she was going to take a very long time getting ready, I don't know what it is but females always take forever to prepare themselves. I picked up the remote and turned on the TV to TNT to watch my favorite television show, "Charmed". I really loved that show. It's about three witches who are sisters and they use magic and their powers to fend off evil and keep everyone safe. All my friends from school would always tell me I was gay for watching that show due to the fact it's main characters are three witches and most of the fans of the show are females, But I didn’t care, I thought the show was pretty cool and fun to watch, Just because they didn't like it don’t mean that I shouldn’t. Who cares what they think? I surely don’t. 

            I never really understood why I was so drawn to Charmed. After all, it was a chick show, and I’m a 14 year old boy. Maybe it was the sister’s undying charisma, their devotion to always do what’s right no matter the consequences. My favorite sister was Phoebe, she was hot. I like Phoebe not just for her looks though, she had spunk, and lots of it. Also she had a lot of ups and downs in her relationship life, I always felt like I would treat her right if she got a chance to be with me, I always thought that one day she would definitely be mines. But after all, it was only a show, Alyssa Milano, which was the real name of Phoebe, probably had a whole husband with children and grand-children, because after all, that was a while ago, I knew my chances were slim to none. It still felt good to dream though. 

            “WHERE’S THE COCOA BUTTER?” My mom bellowed from upstairs. I had forgotten that I borrowed her lotion that morning and forgot to return it back to her room.

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