Chapter 15

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Everybody stared at Jason in shock as he was laid down on the kitchen floor kicking his feet and screaming. Lisa ran to him and dropped down to the floor and held his head and started to hold his hands where the blood was spurting from.

MY BABY!!” She yelled out! Tears began to well in her eyes.

Mohammed was the next to run to Jason. He took off his shirt and ripped it in half, then he tied one half of it around Jason’s hand, in order to stop the bleeding. He used the other half of the shirt to wipe away all the blood that was on him.

Lisa continued to rub Jason’s head as he laid on the kitchen floor.

Mom... I love you.” He said.

More tears began to fall down Lisa’s cheeks as she nodded her head up and down.


He then reached down to grab his one hand that was not bleeding, and he lifted him up. Jason staggered as he stood up. Then he dropped back down to the floor.

HELP ME! HELP ME PLEASE!” Jason screamed out.

Christy began laughing and turned her head as her hands were covered over her mouth.

Cecilia, I love you.” Said Jason.

A big smile went over Cecilia’s face as she began laughing. She did not turn her face like Christy. She looked at him as he was laid down on the kitchen floor.

Mohammed then dug his hands underneath Jason’s sides and lifted him up and threw him over his shoulders. Then he ran with him to the upstairs bathroom. Laid him down in the tub. He took off the piece of cloth that he wrapped around his hand. Then he turned on the hot water and grabbed Jason’s cut hand and put it in the running water. Jason screamed out in pain.


Lisa ran upstairs and went into the bathroom and knelt down on the floor close to Jason and began rubbing his head as more tears fell down her cheeks.

I’m here baby!” She said as she continued to rub his head.

Then she turned her head to face Mohammed.

We have to take him to the hospital!”

He’s going to bleed to death!” Said Lisa.

Mohammed continued to rub water on Jason’s hand.

Go inside the room and get the alcohol and band-aid wrap.” He said.

Lisa got up and went in the room into the closet, she reached up and pulled down a small rubber basket and took out the bottle of alcohol and a long white band-aid wrap. She then ran back to the bathroom. Christy and Cecilia were standing in the doorway of the bathroom. She squeezed through both of them and went to Mohammed and gave him the alcohol and band-aid. Mohammed took it and placed them both in the tub. Then he grabbed the towel from the towel rack and wrapped it around his bleeding hand. He then reached down and grabbed the alcohol bottle. He opened it up with his mouth and spat the cap back in the tub. He then held Jason’s hand out and poured half of the bottle down on it. Jason screamed out as tears began to fall down his eyes. Christy and Lisa both covered their mouth with their hands.

Cecilia stared at her elder brother as he was in the tub screaming out in pain.

Oh… my… God...” She said.

Mohammed then took the wrapped up white band-aid and tied it around Jason’s hand.

Did it stop bleeding?” Lisa turned her head to Mohammed and asked him.

Yes.” He said.

Then he lifted up Jason again and threw him over his shoulders. He then walked over to Jason’s room and laid him down on the bed and covered half of his body with the blanket.

Mohammed looked at his son as he laid on the bed. He knew that the injury wasn’t really that bad and very minute, so he wasn’t really distressed or worried, just bemused.

He sat down on the bed next to where Jason was laying down at.

Jason… what happened?” He asked.

Oldhead… that knife is POSSESED!” He said.

Christy and Cecilia erupted in laughter as they were standing at the doorway.

I was doing what you told me to do.”

I was peeling the onions very carefully and meticulously, and then it started to get in my eyes… and then… idk what happened. It just started tripping!” He said.

Cecilia leaned on the doorway as she continued to laugh and Christy started to hug her stomach.

Lisa then came and sat on the bed and placed her hands on his forehead.

Jason you need to be more careful. Your father told you that the knife was sharp.”

MA I WAS!” He said.

Idk what happened!” He continued.

Lisa started rubbing Jason’s cheeks and his head while she nodded her head slowly.

Your father’s just gonna do the cooking okay, you just stay in bed…”

Jason then turned to his side on the bed and threw the cover over his face and started sobbing. Everybody in the room looked at each other, then they looked at Jason.

Son, why are you crying?” Mohammed asked.

Jason didn’t respond, he kept sobbing. Lisa started to rub his back.

Jason, what’s wrong honey? Why are you crying?” She asked.

Jason gave a long pause. Then he sniffled as he wiped the tears from his face with his hands.

Mom… I failed.” Jason said quietly.

Lisa looked at Mohammed worriedly. Then she turned her head to look at Jason again.

Failed at what honey?” She asked him.

Jason sniffled again. “I.. I..just…wanted…wanted… I just wanted…” He began to stammer on his words and say.

You just wanted what honey?” Lisa asked him.

Jason closed his eyes. “I just wanted to cook for my wife… and I failed.” Jason quietly said.

Christy put her hands over her mouth as she was standing at the doorway.

Lisa looked at Mohammed shocked. Mohamed looked back at her.

Jason… you didn’t fail honey. It was an accident.” Lisa said.

You did not fail my son. You still have your hands and your life, thank Allah for that.” Mohammed said.

Jason did not want to listen. He began sobbing again.

Everybody please… Just leave.” Jason said.

Lisa covered her mouth with her hands. “Jason…” Lisa said as she began to place her hands on Jason’s shoulders.

JUST GO… PLEASE!” Jason shrugged his shoulders and said.

Okay baby.” Lisa said.

Then she covered him more with the blanket and grabbed the pillow and placed his head on it. She then got up off the bed and walked out the door. Mohammed and Cecilia followed behind her. Christy was the only one left standing in the doorway. She closed the door and came in the room and started to approach the bed in which Jason was laying down on.

Jason could hear footsteps approaching him. He thought it was his mom again.

Please!” He said as he lifted his hand up and pointed to the doorway.

Christy stopped in her tracks. “Jason… you want me to go?” She asked softly.

Jason slowly put his hands back down. He then began sobbing again.

Christy went and sat down on the bed next to him. She then lifted up his hands in which the white bandage was wrapped around.

Baby… You didn’t fail.” She said.

Jason turned his head and faced Christy.

But… but… I wasn’t able to cook for you. I wasn’t able to make you happy.” He said.

Christy then reached with her hand and began to rub his cheeks as she smiled.

I am happy bae… I’m happy that I’m with you. Don’t worry about the cooking, it’s the intention that matters.” She said.

Jason stared at Christy. “Re-re-really?”

So you’re not disappointed?” He asked.

Of course not. You make me so happy.” She said.

Then she laid down on the bed next to him and wrapped her arms around him.

Lisa and Mohammed were still standing at the doorway watching.

Awwwww look at them. They are so cute.” Lisa said.

Mohammed said nothing. He turned around and went down the stairs in the kitchen to finish cooking.

Jason turned around on the bed and faced Christy as she laid down next to him. He then lifted his hand up slightly, the one in which was cut and rubbed Christy’s cheek.

I love you.” He said.

Christy’s eyes began to glitter as she stared back at her husband.

Jason… I love you too.” She said.

I don’t want you to leave okay. Please stay here with me.” Jason said.

Tears began to fall down Lisa’s cheeks as she stood in the doorway and watched. She never knew that her son was like this. She then turned around and went down the stairs to the kitchen to help her husband finish cooking.

He really loves her. He really does.” Lisa said to Mohammed as she washed the orange peppers.

Yes… I know.” Mohammed said.

Lisa stopped washing the peppers and looked at Mohammed.

How did you manage to… with Christy’s mother?” Lisa asked.

It was not easy at all. She’s a very difficult woman. It was only by the help of Allah that I was able to do it. I knew that my son really loves this girl and wants to be with her, and I am his father.” He said as he began to put the boneless strips of chicken into the pot filled with water.

Cecilia then came in the doorway and stood, she watched as his elder brother was lying on the bed with Christy. Tears almost came to her eyes. She began to wonder if she was ever going to have that type of relationship with Jerry.

Christy turned her neck and noticed Cecilia standing at the doorway.

Oh I’m sorry. Your hair. I almost forgot.”

Please go get the chair and the comb and Vaseline.” She said.

Cecilia then ran to her room. She picked up the chair with the comb and Vaseline and came into Jason’s room, she placed the chair down and sat down on the floor. Christy got up from the bed and she went and sat down on the chair and continued to braid Cecilia’s hair. Jason laid down on the bed and looked to the other side towards the TV set. An NBA basketball game was on. Washington Wizards San Antonio Spurs.

San Anotnio got this! Jason thought to himself.

About an hour later Lisa came into the room.

Ok, the food’s ready guys.” She said.

Just five more minutes mom, she’s almost done.” Cecilia said.

About two minutes later Cecilia got up off the carpeted floor. She then went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror at her hair.

The top of her head had five thick braids on it, and they ran all the way down to her lower shoulder. A big smile spread across Cecilia’s face as she looked at it.

Then she ran back into the room and wrapped her arms around Christy.

I love it! Thank you so much big sister!” She said.

Christy smiled at Cecilia and hugged back.

Okay, now let’s go eat.” Lisa said while standing in the doorway.

Cecilia then turned around and began to follow her mom as she went down the stairs. She then turned around and looked at Christy.

Big sister… Are you coming?” She asked.

Christy smiled as she held the comb in her hands. “Yeah.”

I’ll be right down.” She said.

Cecilia than turned around and went down the stairs. Christy was left alone in the room with Jason.

Bae I’m gonna get the food and come back upstairs and feed you okay?” She said.

Jason gave a short pause. “Ard bae.” He said.

But before you go.” He said as he reached in his pocket with his other hand and drew out his phone. He then handed it to Christy.

Jerry just sent me a text. Could you read it please?” He said.

Christy took the phone and unlocked it. He then read the text message aloud.

He said.”

Keep it a bean bro you look like Kerchak off Tarzan.” She said and began to laugh.

Bae reply back. Say ‘keep it a bean bro you look like John Wall.’” Said Jason.

Christy covered her mouth and began to smile.

OOP! Jason that’s mean.” She said.

SEND IT!” Jason ordered.

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