Chapter 12

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Jason then hung up the phone. He quickly put the phone back on his ears to see if she was still on the line. Nothing could be heard on the other line. The line was completely dead. Jason then slowly removed the phone from his ears and he stared at the dark screen of his phone. Feelings of regret started to creep up in Jason’s heart. Maybe he shouldn’t have let her go, maybe he should've made her stay up and talk to him a bit longer. 

It was only about 11:20pm, the night was still young for him. Jason wasn’t sleepy or hungry or anything, he just wanted to talk to his wife, but she was in bed. He didn’t have anything to do. Jason started wishing that he had some weed to smoke, he wanted to get high. Because there was nothing better to do, his wife had gone off to bed and he was alone. He just wanted... he just wanted... 

His phone laid on his stomach as he laid down on his bed staring at the ceiling. He quickly picked it up, he then scrolled down his contact list to the name of “Joe”. He called his number. The phone rang once, no answer. It rang twice, no answer. On the third ring was when Joe picked up.

“Wassup bruh?” His calm voice came on the other line.

“Yo bro. I need some, where you at?” I said to Joe.

I was telling him that I want some weed and I wanted to know where he was at. I suspected that he’s home. It’s almost 11:30pm at night, where else could he be?

“I’m at the crib bro. How much you need?” Joe said.

He was telling me that currently he was home, and he wanted to know the amount of weed that I wanted from him.

I paused before I answered. I had to analyze the situation first. Okay, so it’s late at night, and I want some weed to smoke. It’s almost 11:30pm at night, would Joe really walk all the way to my house this late at night just to give me some weed?

“You gon’ come give it to me?” I asked him.

“Yeah, how much you need?” Joe replied to me.

A smile spread across my face. “YESS!” I thought to myself.

I quickly sat up on the bed. “Lemme get three!” I quickly said.

I was telling Joe that I needed three bags from him. I plan on smoking one bag tonight, and I’m going to blow the other two tomorrow when I’m at Christy’s house.

“Where you want me to meet you?” Joe said to me.

“Call me when you at the CVS on 2nd St.” I said to him. That was the place that me and him were going to rendezvous at, he knew where it was at and I knew where it was at.

“I’ll be there in 25 minutes.” Joe said.

“Yo yo bro real quick, when you come can you bring a few blunt wraps for me bro. The Papi store closed, I’ma give you the bread tomorrow.” I said.

I was telling Joe to give me a few blunt wraps that I can use to roll the weed in and smoke it. The store where I usually would go to purchase the blunt wrap was closed right now, and I was telling him that I was going to give him the money tomorrow.

“Got you, start getting ready, I’m bouta be on my way.” Joe said.

He was telling me that I should start getting ready and that he’s going to be on his way soon.

“Ard bro!” I said, then I hung up.

Afterwards I rushed to my closet and grabbed my book bag, not the one that I use for school, but the one that I use to go to football games and practices. I quickly grabbed it and delved my hand inside it and began to rummage through. Then I found it, it was a white plastic school folder. I grabbed it and opened it up, then I put my hand inside the left pocket of the folder. I found what I was looking for and drew my hand out. In my hand were three $20 bills. My dad had given it to me a few weeks ago, after I had won one of my games, he gave it to me and told me to go buy some clothes. I took the money and put it in my bag and I forgot about it completely. I just now remembered it this night after I got off the phone with Christy.

I held tight to the money, closed my bag, threw it back in the closet and shut the closet door. I then grabbed my jean pants that was laying on the bed and I put it on, and then I threw on my hoodie and ran down the stairs and out the front door.

The CVS was right across the street from my house, only about a 2-minute walk. Even though the days are warm and temperate, during the night time, outside can get really frigid. Jason zipped up his hoodie and began to speed walk to the CVS.

There was only about 2-3 people inside when he walked in, not including the cashier on the register. Jason knew that he had to get change. Because he was going to give Joe a total of $30, he had another $30 to spend on whatever. Only one thing came to his mind. He moved his head and he looked around for the aisle. The ice-cream aisle was in “aisle five”. Jason quickly ran to it.

He was looking for his favorite, Breyers Cookies & Cream Oreo Ice Cream. He found it on the second freezer where the popsicles were at. He slid the glass door open and reached in and drew out the ice cream. Jason held it in his hand and stared at it.


He only said it aloud because he knew that there was hardly anybody in the store. He turned around and began to head to the cashier to pay for his item.

His phone rang as he was walking, he looked at the Caller I.D. Jason then walked to the register and he placed his item on top of the counter and then he ran to the front of the door.

Joe was standing there, his hands were in his pockets and he was wearing a grey hoodie that covered his face. Even though I couldn’t see his face I still knew it was him.

I walked up to him and shook his hands. “You good bruh.” I said to him as I slapped his hands.

He shook hands back with me and he gave a slight grin. As he was shaking my hands he gave me the three dime bags. I didn’t bother looking at them, I just threw them in my pocket.

“You finna smoke up now?” He asked me.

He was asking me if I was getting ready to smoke now.

I laughed lightly. “Yeah bruh, I’m finna go in the crib and blow that jawn down.” I replied to Joe.

He began to laugh and shook my hand. “You live this stoner life bro?” Joe asked me.

He was basically saying and asking me at the same time “you’re a pothead” and “are you really a pothead”? I was about to shake his hand and tell him yeah, but then I remembered.

“OH!” I quickly said. Then I ran back in the CVS, gave the cashier a $20 bill for the Oreo ice cream that I purchased. He took the money and gave me the change. I took the Oreo Ice Cream, which he now placed inside a bag. I took the bag and began to walk out.

Joe was still standing there when I went out the door. I walked up to him and gave him the $30 for the dime bags that he gave. He then delved in his pocket and pulled out two plastic vanilla blunts, I took it from him and put it in my pocket.

“You coming to school tomorrow?” He asked me.

“Yeah, you?” I said to him.

“Yeah, I’ma hit you up tomorrow bro.” Joe said as he shook my hand and began to walk the opposite way. I turned around and began heading towards my house.

As soon as I stepped in, the room temperature enshrouded my entire body. No longer was I feeling cold. I unzipped my hoodie down and began to head to the kitchen. I put the Oreo Ice Cream on the counter top and reached up the drawer, and I pulled out a small, metal bowl. I grabbed a spoon and started to dump the Oreos in the bowl. Afterwards, I quietly crept to my little sister’s room, she was sleeping, but her TV was on. I walked over to the drawer that was on the other end of the corner, I opened it up and pulled out one of the Oreo packs that I brought for her. Then, I quietly crept back out. As my hands were holding her doorknob, I turned slightly and began to close the door.

“I llooovvee yooouu!!” I whispered aloud to her as I closed her door.

Then I rushed back downstairs, I opened up the Oreo packs and put them in the bowl. I then took the spoon and began to crush the Oreos that I just put in the bowl into tiny pieces, I stared into the bowl and licked my lips as I was doing this. After they were all crushed up, I mixed it with the spoon. Then I placed the bowl into the freezer. Afterwards, I opened up my back door, which was close to the kitchen. I opened up the door gently and stepped out. We had a small white chair on our back porch, I sat on it. Then I reached inside my pocket and pulled out one dime bag and one blunt wrap. I opened up the dime bag, poured all the contents into the blunt wrap, then I began to roll.

After I finished rolling up I reached in my pocket again. I pulled out the same white Bic lighter from this morning, then I sparked up the blunt.

I took one puff and I began to cough. Every time that I tried to swallow the smoke I would begin to cough. This weed was different that Joe gave me, it was more potent, stronger, better. I took another hit, I began to cough again, but not as hard and as much as the first time. I was finding it easier to swallow the smoke with every puff that I took.

My eyes were red and half shut, my nose was stuffed up, and I suddenly was very hungry. I threw the roach away, and I staggered to stand up. I then went back inside through the back door. Only one thing was on my mind.

I quickly drew the white handle that was on the freezer outwards and looked inside. The bowl with the Oreo Ice Cream was still in there. I reached in with my hand and pulled it out, then I began to trudge upstairs to my room.

I took off my shoe as I entered. I kept my jeans and hoodie on, I didn’t feel like taking them off.

I sat down on the bed upright, and picked up the spoon from my bowl and began to eat. It tasted delicious, as it always does. As I was eating it I started thinking about my wife, maybe I should call her? I really miss her. I started reaching in my pocket to pull out my phone but then I stopped. It had to be like 1:30 at night, Christy would be sleep by now. I thought to myself, then I drew my hand out from my pocket and continued to eat the Ice Cream.

After I was done, I ran downstairs and placed the bowl in the sink and washed it with the spoon and placed it back on the drawer up top. Then I turned off the light in the kitchen and started going up the stairs into my room. I decided to take off my jeans and my hoodie. I now only had my boxer briefs on with no shirt. Then I grabbed one of my night time sleep pants, and a white V-Neck shirt, I turned off the lights and jumped up on the bed and went underneath the blanket.

I pulled out my phone again and went to my contact list to Christy’s name. My fingers slid across her name. All that I have to do is squeeze a little bit and then her number will be dialed. If I can just hear her voice one more time, if I can just tell her how much I love her one more time… If I can just…


“JASON! JASON!” It’s time for school!” My mother bellowed from downstairs. Immediately I shot up from the bed and replied back quickly.

“OKAY MOM!!” Jason said.

Before he got up from his bed and began dressing there was something that he had to do. Quickly, he searched through his bed for his phone, he felt it underneath his blanket. He pulled it out and turned it on and immediately went to his contact list to call Christy.

The phone rang once and she picked up.

“Good morning daddy.” Her soft voice came on the other line.

“I missed you baby, how did you sleep?” I asked her.

“I slept good, thanks for calling me boo.” She said.

“I wanted to call you last night like around 1am, but I knew you was most likely going to be sleeping so I chose not to.” I said.

Christy began to giggle. “That’s a good choice boy, because I was definitely out of it.” She said while half giggling.

“You coming to school today bae?” Christy asked me.

“Yeah, I’m finna start getting dressed now.” I replied to her.

“Okay go get ready, I’ma see you at school okay, and I have a surprise for you today, I think you’re gonna like it.” Christy said with a smile.

“Okay baby but I just wanna tell you that I miss you and I love you so much.” I said to her.

“I love you too bae, now start getting ready okay, MWAH!” She blew me a kiss and then hung up.

I quickly got up from my bed and placed the phone on the charger. Then I opened the door to my closet and pulled out a green button up shirt. I was just going to wear the same jeans that I had from last night. I grabbed it from the bed, I threw the jean on. Afterwards I put on my socks and my shoes and I walked out of my bedroom into the bathroom so that I can brush my teeth.

Afterwards, I ran downstairs. My mom was walking out of the kitchen. She was already fully dressed. She had on a black coat with a matching black skirt and black heels.

“Come on, let’s go.” She said as she grabbed her keys from the table.

“Are you gonna eat?” She asked me, as she walked up to me and began wiping underneath my eyelid with her thumb that she just took out her mouth.

“Eew mom that’s gross!” I said as I gently brushed her hand away from my face.

“I’m just gonna eat at school.” I said.

“Okay, come on let’s go.” She said.

Me and my mother both walked out of the front door into her car.

When I got in the car I put on my headphones and put on some soft romantic music. Like I always do, every morning. We lived very close to the school so it was only about a 5-10 minute drive.

My mom pulled up to the front of the school. Before I could open the door and step out my mother reached in her black purse, pulled out a $20 bill and gave it to me.

“Jason go buy breakfast.” She said.

I gave it back to her. “I already got bread mom.” I said.

Then I closed the door and stepped out. I told my mom that I love her and I began to head into the cafeteria.

Even though I really wasn’t that hungry I knew that I had to eat something, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, can’t miss that!

I walked inside where the food is being served and I quickly grabbed a granola bar and some Oreos, then I began to walk to the cash register to pay for the items.

Three girls stepped in front of me as I was walking to the register. Violet was on the left side, Roxanne was on the right. In the middle stood Christy. She had on a green Old Navy top which only stretched down to half her stomach. A bright yellow long skirt which stretched down to her knees. It really hugged her waist and made all of her curves apparent. Also, now she tied her long black hair up into a ponytail. I stood there and stared at her in awe. She looked amazing! I have never seen her like this before.

Christy walked closer to me and wrapped her hands around my neck.

“Do you like it daddy?” She said while staring at him in the eyes.

Jason began to smile. He then began to remove Christy’s hands away from her neck.

“Look lady, I don’t know you, I’ve never seen you a day in my life, but I want you to know that I’m happily married and I love my wife okay.”

All three girls started blushing and saying “Awwww” at the same time. Even Violet, she was the one that my eyes were really on. I wanted for her to know the type of relationship that me and Christy has. I wanted for her to know that Christy was the one that I want, she’s the one that I’m with and there’s no changing that.

I grabbed Christy’s hand and drew her in closer to me. Then I gave her a long kiss right there in the middle of the cafeteria, so that everybody could see.

I drew my head back and stared at her in the eyes. Then I gently lifted my hand up and started to rub her face. “I love you.” I said.

Roxanne and Violet said “Awww!” louder this time, the whole cafeteria could hear and everybody turned their head to see.

Christy didn’t say anything. She just stood there in Jason’s arms and she stared at him deeply in the eyes.


Jason reached over with his head and kissed her again before she could finish her sentence.

He then drew his head back and walked to the cash register without saying anything. He paid for the granola bar and Oreos, then he walked out of the cafeteria.


Jason knew the first thing that he had to do. He walked into Mr. Keen’s room.

“I’m ready for that test Mr. Keen!” Jason said as he walked in.

He was ready to take the test. It was supposed to have been taken yesterday, but he didn’t have a chance to because he forgot about it and he did not study. This morning as he was getting dressed and ready for school, he reviewed the material and studied a bit, and now he was all ready.

“Okay, that’s good to hear.” Mr. Keen said, then he reached in a drawer in his desk and pulled out a sheet of paper.

“You can just go in the testing center at the library and take this, when you’re done bring it back.” Mr. Keen said as he handed Jason the sheet of paper.

“I got you!” Jason said, he then took the test and walked up to the fourth floor library to take the test.

The test was all multiple choice and there were a few open ended responses. Jason found that it was really easy, much easier than he had expected it to be. He maybe could’ve taken it yesterday he thought.

After he finished taking the test it was only about 10:45am. Jason figured that he might as well wait for an hour and fifteen minutes until lunch time, so he grabbed a book from one of the shelves in the library, and he began to read.

At 12pm Jason went into Mr. Keen’s room and handed him the test.

“Okay, good job sir!” Mr. Keen said as he took the test.

Jason then began to head to the cafeteria for lunch.

He sat down at his regular table. Jerry came and sat down next to him.

“Joe told me you grabbed from him last night.” He said.

“Yeah.” I said.

“Let’s go blow that jawn down right now.” He said.

I snickered lightly. “Nah bro, this jawn for later on when I go over Christy’s.” I said.

Jerry sucked his lips. “Whatever bro, that’s why you look like Kevin Garnett.” He said.

I laughed and shook his hand. “Bro, keep it a bean, you look like Doc Rivers.” I said.

Jerry burst in laughter. Then he shook my hands as he continued to laugh.

Christy then came to the table and sat down. Jerry got up and immediately moved to another table.

“Why aren’t you eating?” She asked me.

I put my hands above her on the table and I gazed deep into her eyes.

“Because boo, we’re not at your house.” I said.

Christy began to laugh aloud. “You soo corney!” She said as she continued to laugh.

“I’m gonna get you something okay?” Christy said as she got up and walked to the snack line.

She brought Sun Chips and an apple juice, also she bought one chocolate chip cookie. She came back to the table and gently placed the food that she just bought in front of me, then she sat down.

“I want you to eat okay.” Christy said.

She began to rub my back as I bit down on the cookie.

“Don’t tell me what to do.” I said as I took another bite.

“What you gon’ be doing after lunch?” I asked her.

“Me and Roanne gonna go to the mall together, why wassup bae?” She said.

“Stay and wait for me.” I said.

“You want me to wait for you until you’re done school?” She asked me.

“That’s what I said.” I replied.

“Christy flapped her arms up and down. “Boy that’s TWO HOURS. What am I supposed to be doing?” She asked me.

I didn’t respond. I opened up the bag of chips and began to eat. I then turned my head to face her.

“We’re gonna go to Rita’s after school and get Ice Cream, because that’s what I want to do.” I said to her with a straight face.

“I’m gonna come back to the cafeteria after school to look for you. If I don’t see you I’m gonna be very angry.” I said to her.

The bell then rang. I quickly downed the rest of the apple juice, and ate all the chips. I then got up from the table without looking at Christy and walked out and started heading towards Gym Class.

For Gym Class, we played flag football outside. Since the weather was so warm Mr. Bulk said that it would be more suitable to play outside, so that’s what we did. Normally, we would play flag football or any game like that inside, due to the frigid temperature outside. But today, the temperature was in the 70’.

Apparently, word had gotten out in the school that me and Christy were now together, from the scene that we had this morning. Everyone was now staring at me, random people that I have never seen before in my life were now looking at me and smiling.

“Did you hit yet?” Darrel asked me during fifth period Mr. Spica. He was asking me if whether or not me and Christy had sex.

“Chill bruh, that’s my little shawty, I don’t disclose personal stuff like that.” I said to him.

He began laughing. “Oh my fault bro!” He said as he continued laughing. He then reached over with his hand and shook mines.

“Don’t forget to do chapter 12 for homework!” Mr. Spica hollered out to the class when we were all walking out.

I walked quickly over to the cafeteria after my final class with Mr. Spica. I looked around. There Christy was. She was still seated at the same table that I left her at during lunch. I walked up to her and grabbed her hands.

“Come on, let’s go.” I said.

“Okay Jason, stop squeezing my hands like that!” She said.

I squeezed harder and walked with her outside. I let go of her hands when we got outside the school. She stood there staring at me as I stared at her.

“Walk in front of me!” I said to her.

Christy paused. She then placed her hands on her hips. “What? Why?” She asked me.

“Because, I wanna look at your backside as we walk.” I said calmly.

Christy didn’t say nothing. She just stood there for a few seconds. Then she began to walk in front. My eyes were completely fixed on her backside as she was walking. The yellow skirt that she had on really squeezed her waist and thigs, I began to smile.

When we arrived at Rita’s I told her to stop walking. She then turned around and walked back to me. We both stood in the line at Rita’s. There were four people in the line with us. Three older men, and one small girl, she looked maybe as if she was around 7-8 years old.

More people came to stand in the line with them. Two more small girls, they looked about the same age as the girl that was first standing in the line with them. Jason catches one of the man staring at Christy's backside in a lascivious manner. A burly man, much older than Jason, he looks as if he’s in his 60’s. Jason decides to just ignore the stares that he was giving her because he was much older. The guy kept on starring though.

YO! SOMETHING GOT YOUR EYES BRUH!?” Jason said to the man.

He didn’t reply or say anything back, he just kept staring.

Jason gets angry and quickly draws back his right arm and gives a clean punch to the guy on his jaw, he falls back and is knocked unconscious. Jason jumps on top of the man's chest as he lays there unconscious and he continues to slam his fists on his face.

Christy rushes to where Jason is and she puts her hands on his back and tries to pull him off the man.


Jason reaches back with his hand and lightly pushes her off. One of the guys that was also standing in the line and a police officer comes to stop Jason from pummeling the guy's face. 

“SIR, THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR THIS!” The officer said, two of the girls begin to scream.

Christy walks over to Jason to grab his hand, and then turns around and begins to leave.

"JASON! WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" Christy says.

Jason reaches over with his hand and squeezes Christy's cheek. 

"HE WAS STARING AT YOU! AND YOU WAS LETTING HIM STARE!" Jason said to her while squeezing her cheek.

"Get your bag and let's go! We're not getting ice cream anymore!" Jason says.

Christy quickly gets her bag and begins to follow behind Jason as they both go to her house. Jason abruptly stops walking. Christy almost bumps into him, but she quickly stops before she does.

"Jason I'm walking behind you! Why did you stop?" Christy asked him.

He didn't say anything, he paused. Then he lifted up his arm and points forward.

Christy did not want to question him, she lifted up her yellow Cotton Blend Pencil Skirt and she hurriedly rushes and walks in front of him.

After a couple minutes, they both arrive at her house. Christy walks in the door first and she stands by the doorway and waits for Jason to enter. Jason slowly walks in and closes the door. The entire living room was dark; all the lights were turned off.

"Jason, can we please talk about what happened. I don't like the way you acted and..."

Before she could finish her sentence Jason rushes over her. He grabs her by the cheek and grabs both her legs and picks her up and slams her against the wall. She gives a slight grunt. 

"Jason... I..." She said.

"SHUT UP!" Jason said.

He then looks at her deeply in the eyes. "I don't want you ever dressing like that outside again!" Jason said, he put his hand under her skirt and shoved his fingers up. He could feel the wetness of her draws. He continued to look at her in the eye without blinking.

Christy nodded her head slowly up and down. She saw the look that Jason had in his face, she could see the fire in his eyes. She knew that right now he was serious, she had to be compliant.

"Yes daddy, I'm sorry." She said as she nodded her head.

Jason stuck his fingers deeper inside her. Jason could now feel the wetness dripping down his fingers as he began to go deeper inside her. Christy then gave a loud yelp and moan. Tears began to trickle down her eyes. She rubbed Jason's head and touched his cheeks.

"Don't be mad at me daddy!" She screamed out as more tears trickled down her eyes and cheeks.

Jason let go of her and she fell on the floor with her hands first and she landed on her knees.

Jason began to unbutton his pants in front of Christy's face. His heavy green camouflage pants dropped with a thud on the floor, then Jason pulled down his boxer briefs. He then grabbed "it" and smacked it on her face.

"Open your mouth!" He commanded.

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