Chapter 13

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Christy’s eyes became red and tears started falling out of them, she then covered her mouth with both her hands. She started quietly giving dry heaves as her chest started going in and out. Christy didn’t know what to say, she just stared at Jason as he was knelt on the floor, tears fell out his eyes as well.

“JASON!!” She called out his name between sobs as her hand was covered over her mouth and she continued to weep.

Jason then wrapped his hands around Christy’s legs as he bent down lower and started to kiss her feet. She didn’t have any socks on, just her bare feet, her toes were painted bright pink with black polka dots on it.

“Please be with me Christy.” He said as he closed his eyes and continued to kiss her feet.

“Get away from her boy!!” Crystal Angela said as she walked over to where Jason was knelt on the floor and wrapped her hands around his neck and began pulling, trying to strip Jason away from holding onto her legs.

Jason held on to her legs as Crystal Angela pulled on his neck. Christy started crying out while her hands were still over her mouth.

Crystal Angela continued to pull while Jason held on, hugging her legs.

“NO! SHE’S MINES!” Jason yelled out as he held on to her legs and streams of tears started to fall from his eyes. Crystal Angela realized that her attempts were of no use. She was barely able to move Jason an inch.

“I’M GOING TO CALL THE POLICE!” She said out loud as she pulled out her iPhone from her pocket and started dialing. The phone rang once.

“Hello 911, what’s your emergency?”

“Hello yes, there’s a young boy over here in my house and he is not welcomed, this is MY HOUSE!” She said.

“Please send somebody over to get him away from here please!” She added.

“We’ll send somebody over there right now.” The dispatcher lady said over the phone.

Crystal Angela then hung up the phone and slid it back in her pocket, then she walked to the front door and opened it and stood there and waited for the police to come.

Christy looked at Jason as he knelt on the floor, still holding onto her legs. Tears were still falling from her eyes and her hands were still covered over her mouth.

Jason held onto her legs tighter, he then looked at her as more of his tears began to fall.

“Christy don’t worry okay, we’re gonna be together forever!” Jason yelled out to her as he held on to her legs.

Christy reached down with one hand while the other one was still over her mouth. She placed them on Jason’s face and began to wipe the tears that were falling from his cheek. She then nodded her head slowly up and down.

About two minutes later two police cars pulled up next to the house and two men stepped out. They were both burly and tall, and they dressed in all blue uniform clothing. One of them was Caucasian, the other one was Chinese, they both had a serious look on their face. As soon as they stepped out of their car, Crystal Angela ran up to them.

“HE’S INSIDE THE HOUSE!” She said as she pointed towards the house.


“Okay mam, just stay out here please.” The Chinese officer said to her as he placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Is there anybody else inside?” The Caucasian officer asked.

“No, just my daughter.” She said.

“Does he have any weapons?” He asked her.

“No no no, nothing like that, I just don’t want him to be here. Please get him out!” She added.

The two men then both nodded to themselves and they both started walking towards the front door of the house and entered it.

They saw Christy still sitting down on the couch with her hands covering her mouth, and Jason was on the floor hugging her legs.

“That’s him right there!” Crystal Angela pointed towards Jason as she followed behind the officers.

“Okay mam, please step back outside.” Said the Caucasian officer.

Both officers then walked to the middle of the living room where Christy and Jason was at.

“Sir, this is not your home, the owner of the household says that you should leave. Please collect all your belongings and leave please.” The Chinese officer said to Jason.

Jason quickly turned his neck, his eyes were no longer shedding tears. Now they were just red.

“NO! I’M NOT LEAVING!” Jason yelled to the officers.

“Sir this is not your home, please get up and leave or we will have to take measures.” The Caucasian officer said.

Jason turned his head towards Christy. She was still weeping, now her hands were no longer over her mouth. Now both hands were dropped holding Jason’s head and rubbing his face.

“I’m never gonna leave okay , I’m not leaving your side ever!” Jason said as he continued to hug Christy’s legs.

Both officers reached down and started tugging Jason by the shoulders, trying to loosen his grip from Christy’s legs.

They reached down with both hands and began pulling by force. “Sir please!”

They kept saying as they tugged his shoulders. His grip began to loosen.

“NOOO!” Jason yelled out as he continued to hold on to her legs. Now he was just holding on with his bare hands, not his arms. The Chinese officer had his hands on his shoulders as he was drawing him back, and the Caucasian officer had his hands under his armpits as he was trying to pick him up.


Mohammed knew what he had to do. He had never seen his son like that, never seen him cry before. The only time that he seen him crying was when he was in 1st grade and he fell off the monkey bar at school, he had to go to the hospital to get a cast wrapped around his whole left arm. That was the only time that he ever seen him crying, no other time. So he knew, if Jason was shedding tears for this one girl, she has to be someone special, at least to Jason. And if she is special to his son, then she is special to him as well.

His all black Toyota Corolla went speeding, he was pretty sure that he passed a few stop signs, but he didn’t care, he had to make sure that he goes back to that girl’s house, he knew that’s where he would be. He had to tell him that it was okay, he had to tell him that he can be with that girl if that’s what he truly wants, as long as he’s happy. And most importantly, he had to tell him sorry. Sorry for not understanding, sorry for not being there, sorry for letting him down and not having his back. This is exactly the type of father that he never wanted to be, when he was growing up in Liberia, his father was hard on him, he beat him, he cursed at him, he did many terrible things to him, but the thing that really hurt him the most, was the fact that he wasn’t there for him. He used to often get in trouble in the street and at school, when the officials would report it back to him and tell him about the trouble that his son got into, he would say “THAT IS NOT MY SON!”

He used to always tell himself that he would never grow up to be the type of man like his father. Now, here he was, doing exactly what he said he would never do. A father is supposed to be understanding, and supportive of his child, he shouldn’t tell him to stop talking to the girl that he really likes, he should be understanding, if he says that he really likes this girl and wants to be with her, then he should take his word for it, and be supportive of him.

He stepped on the gas, then he approached a corner store and made a sharp right turn. He then arrived to the street where Christy’s house was at. The first thing that he saw was the opened door, he then saw Crystal Angela standing outside looking inside smiling, and then he saw the two police cars. Immediately Mohammed’s heart sank. He didn’t know what was going on, but whatever it is, it can’t be good.

He quickly parked on the side of the street next to a fire hydrant, he opened his car, without closing the door. Then he rushed inside, he heard a few grunts and screams coming from inside the house, he ran past Crystal Angela and ran in the door.

Christy was seated at the same spot on the couch, tears were falling from her eyes. He then saw two burly police officers, one Chinese man and one Caucasian man. They both was slightly bent on the floor, and they had their hands outstretched, they were pulling at… JASON! Jason was on the floor holding onto Christy’s legs as both officers were halfway bent on the floor trying to pull him off Christy.

“THAT IS MY SON! LET GO OF MY SON!” His father stretched out his hands as he began darting to the middle of the living room. Both officers, including Jason turned their head and started looking at Mohammed.

“Oldhead, you-you’re here”. Jason said with a quiver in his voice.

The Caucasian officer stepped forward to Mohammed in the middle of the living room. “Sir, is this your son?” He asked him.

Mohammed then ran towards where Jason was on the floor. He knelt down besides him.

“THIS IS MY SON!” He said as he was knelt on the floor with Jason.

Crystal Angela then walked in the living room.

“Please get them both out of here, I don’t want them to be here, this is my house, THIS IS MY HOUSE!” She said.

Both officers looked at Crystal Angela as she spoke, then they nodded their heads and turned towards Mohammed.

“Sir, this house legally belongs to her, right now she does not want you or your son to be here, please get up and leave, or we will have to be forced to call for reinforcements, I’m sure you can understand.” The Chinese officer said.

Mohammed was still on the floor next to Jason. He looked at him as tears fell from his eyes. Then he looked at the officers, and then at Crystal Angela, he then looked back at Jason, he knew exactly what he had to do.

“Come on Jason.” He said as he rose up from the floor and grabbed Jason by his underarms and swiftly picked him up.

“Oldhead, I don’t wanna leave.” Jason said as he continued to look at Christy and fresh tears started welling up in his eyes.

“Don’t worry son, everything’s going to be fine.” Said Mohammed.

Jason looked at his father’s face. He then slowly got up off the floor and slowly followed his father as they both walked out the front door. Christy rose from the couch and called out to Jason.


Jason turned his head as he continued to follow his father. “Bae don’t worry, I’m gonna come back!”

Jason and his father both walked out the front door and got inside Mohammed’s black Toyota Corolla and drove off.

Mohammed kept turning his head and looking at his son. Jason’s eyes were all red, and he was starring out the car window.

“Jason, Jason, are you okay son?” He asked him.

Jason did not respond, he continued to look out the window. Mohammed kept turning his head and looking at his son while he was driving.

“Jason, Jason, are you okay?” He asked him again.

Jason still did not respond. He continued to stare out the window.

“Old-head, take me to the train tracks.” Jason finally said quietly.

“The train tracks? What? Why? Jason, are you okay?” He asked him.

He did not respond. Mohammed observed his silence, and then he knew. He just knew that he had to trust his son right now.

He made a few left and right turns, drove straight until he arrived up the hill of the train tracks.

He parked, turned off his car, and looked at Jason.

“Jason, why did you want to come here? Talk to me Jason.” He said to him.

Jason did not respond, he opened up the door of the passenger door, he got out and climbed down the hill to the train tracks in the bottom.


As soon as Jason lit the blunt and put it in his mouth the rain began to fall. The heavy rain descending made it almost impossible for him to keep the blunt lit in his mouth. He knew that he had to quickly find shade. He turned his head and looked around. Then he saw it, and began to run towards it. A tree, he didn’t know what kind of tree it was, but it was tall, it had a lot of leaves, and most importantly it had shade. Jason quickly ran to it and sat down. He then lit the blunt again and put it back in his mouth. This time, it stayed lit. Jason was waiting to see the light, that will notify you when a train is approaching, he was waiting to see that light, so that he could run in front of it and just end it all. Jason was tired of living, tired of being alive, because what’s the point of being alive if you can’t be with who you want?

Jason took a few more hits from the blunt, and then he saw it, the light. He stood up, took two more hits from the blunt, and walked to the middle of the train tracks as he waited for the train to approach him. He took one more hit from the blunt. Jason was surprised that it still managed to stay lit, the rain was pouring down heavily, all his clothes were wet, but yet the blunt that he was holding was all dry.

As the light continued to approach him, it began to narrow, to become smaller, until… He finally realized that it wasn’t a train light, no, it was a man walking towards him. Jason squinted his eyes and tried to get a better view of what was in front of him. The first thing that he saw was John, he was walking adjacent to the man, floating, and he was laughing, though no sounds were coming out.

The man approached him closer and closer, it was now completely visible to him as to who it was. He looked closer. It was “Abdul”. As he approached him, the bright light that was emanating from the front of his body was now gone. There was no more light, now he was just standing. John hovered right next to him, they both stared at Jason. He stared back. John then held out his hand, there was a slight crackle sound, a flash of light, and then there was a blunt in his hands. Abdul grabbed the blunt that was outstretched from John’s hands, he took out his big blue Bic lighter, he sparked it up and then lit the blunt. He took a quick drag, smoke started coming out of his nose. He took another hit, this time he held the smoke in and didn’t exhale it out. He then handed the blunt to Jason.

Jason hesitated, but then he figured why not? He slowly outstretched his hand and took the blunt. He then put it in his mouth, closed his eyes, and took a drag.


JASON, JASON! JASON, IT’S TIME FOR SCHOOL!” His mom called him from the downstairs kitchen.

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