Chapter 14

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Christy continued to retreat until her back touched the wall. Then she stopped and began to hold her hand out. I continued to approach her as I looked at her soaked hair and wet shirt.

“Jason stop! This isn’t you.” She began to say as she held her hand out.

I ignored what she was saying and continued to approach and walk towards her. Fire shot through my eyes as I stared at her against the wall, only one thing was on my mind.

“Jason stop! You can’t do this bae.” She said.

Now my face was a few inches from hers. My eyes were fixed on hers. Only one thing was on my mind as I stared her down.

“I can do whatever I want because I’m daddy.” I said as my forehead touched hers.

She held her forearm out and placed it on my stomach and began to push lightly. I ignored it and continued to move forward. I was now standing over her, as her back was against the wall. My mouth began to salivate and I became more stimulated as her forearm pushed against my stomach.

I grabbed her forearm and placed my hand in hers. She had tiny soft fingers. I held onto her hand and placed it slowly against the bulge that was sticking out from underneath my pants.

“I want you to know something okay?” I quietly whispered to her as my forehead rubbed against hers.

She looked back in my eyes and started to rub my cheek with her left hand, as I held on to her right hand and squeezed her fingers gently.

She gave a silent moan and began breathing hard and quietky.

What you want me to know baby?” She asked me silently in between her moans.

I pressed my chest against her on the wall, and I pushed more of the weight of my forehead against her as I gazed in her eyes.

“I want you to know I love you okay, and I want you to know that I’m finna take you down.” I said to her, then I puckered up my lips and gave her a light peck on her forehead.

She didn’t say anything back, she only continued to stare at me as she pushed more of her forehead against mines.

She smiled, then she gave a light chuckle. “Take me down then.”

That was all the confirmation that I needed. I quickly placed my hands underneath her thigs and lifted her up, her legs wrapped around me as I pushed her against the wall. Our lips locked, A burning desire shot through my heart immediately as I brushed my lips against hers. Her eyes were closed, mines were open. I was not able to see much, due to the little amount of light that was in the room. All I could see was her closed eyelids, her long eyelashes, her caramel cheek bone complexion, her long black hair which was now curled up a little bit because of the little bit of precipitation that got on it. I grabbed the side of her head as my tongue delved deep into her mouth, she wrapped her arms around my neck and she opened up her legs as I lifted her up and pushed her against the wall. My eyes closed as I began to kiss and suck on her neck. She began to moan lightly. The sounds of her moaning increased as I continued to suck on her neck.

“Take me down Jason!” She said in between her moans.

As my hands were tucked underneath her thighs, and she was on the wall, I pushed up against her and lifted her up, then I began heading towards the bed. Her arms tightened around my neck as she moaned faster and louder. I then threw her tiny body on the bed, she gave a slight grunt as she fell on it. I looked at her while she laid on the bed. She grabbed the white blanket that was on her bed by the end, she then pushed it to the side as she opened her legs more and began to stare at me.

“I want you to come take me down daddy.” She said again as she looked deep into my eyes.

I quickly began to loosen the belt on my camouflage pants, I then took it off and kicked it to the side as I jumped on top of the bed. I went between her legs and grabbed the back of her head and pushed her forehead against mines as I stared deep into her soul.

“Are you telling me what to do?” I asked her as my fingers wrapped around the back of her head as I drew her closer.

Christy shook her head from side to side. “You’re in control daddy, take me down.”

I then dived my head farther down her body. She still had on the same tan khaki jeans. I gently and very meticulously began to take off her belt and pull her pants down. Then when they got to her ankles, I began to yank them down. They became stuck on her legs, they were not coming off for some reason. I kept pulling and tugging down, but still to no avail. I then got really frustrated. I knew what I had to do. Plus, I didn’t like those pants that she wore anyway. I mean I did, they were very attractive and the way that they hugged her waist, it really displayed her curves quite nicely. I loved looking at her wearing those pants. But only me! I didn’t like the fact that she wore them outside where other people could see her wearing it. I knew what I had to do.

I quickly bit down on the leg of her pants and ripped them off. Like a rabid dog biting down on a piece of meaty steak. The jeans were rough, the texture was hard, like sand paper. Though it was a very strenuous task, I still managed to do it. I bit down hard on it until I heard a ripping sound. Once I opened it up a little bit and began to tear at it. I grabbed it with my hands and stretched at it. Then I grabbed her leg and threw the ripped piece of jeans to the side, outside of the bed.

Christy put her hands on my head and began rubbing my hair as my head was delved between her legs.

“What you bouta do baby?” She asked me in between her moans.

Her fingers started digging deep into the scalp of my head. I grabbed a hold of it and threw them off my head.

“SHUT UP!” I said to her.

“I’m bouta take care of business.” I said as I began pulling her purple Hello Kitty panties down.

Her legs opened wider and she drew down closer to me as she began slowly nodding her head.

“Oooh! Take care of business Papi!” She said.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” I said to her as I pulled her panties down to her ankles. She then kicked it off.

As my head was delved in between her legs, I could see the two lips, blankly starring at me. The way that they looked at me… I hate them! They think they’re better than me. They think they’re stronger than me. I must show them who’s in control, I must show them who’s boss! I held the two lips with my thumb and index finger, then I began squeezing them together and twisted them. Water immediately started spurting from out of them. Christy gave a loud scream as her hands began rubbing my scalp again.

“Take me down! Take me down!” She began to say in between her screams and moans.

I lifted my head up to her face, her neck was outstretched back as sweat trickled down her caramel chest. I dived my head in between her chest and began to suck the sweat that was dripping down her. Then I grabbed her head and straightened it so now she was facing me. Tears were running down her face mixed with black mascara and sweat that was coming down her forehead.

As my hand wrapped around her head, I drew her in close so that now our foreheads were touching.

“I want you to tell me who daddy is, I want you to tell me who daddy is!” I asked her.

“You are baby, you’re daddy!” She said in between her sobs.

More tears began to trickle down her cheeks. I began pulling her hair from the back of her head. Then I reached down and grabbed the tip of “it”, though the room was completely dark and I wasn’t able to see anything at all. I could see Christy though, her whole body illuminated from her head to her toe. Without giving a warning, I shoved “it” inside of her. She gave a loud yell and drew her head all the way back. I then wrapped my arms around her head and pushed the weight of my stomach against hers. I wrapped my arm around her tighter and began to grind, slowly and rhythmically inside of her. I could feel the water dripping out from her as I continued to grind. I ignored it, I didn’t care. I knew what I had to do. I have to show those lips who’s boss! I continued to grind inside her, until I collapsed.


I blinked. I couldn’t see anything. Everything was dark. Then I blinked again, and again. Now things were clearing up. As he opened his eyes he began to notice his surroundings. The train track, a brown bench, and a tall tree that he was under. Jason was laid down under a tall tree in the train tracks. As he looked around he realized where he was. It was the same train tracks that his father had dropped him off at after…

It was… just a dream. Jason had been dreaming. He fell asleep under the tree at the train tracks and everything that happened was a dream. Immediately he remembered everything. His mother had declined for Christy to marry him, the police officers came to the house, and then his father came, and he told his father to drop him off here. But why? Why did Jason tell his dad to drop him off here? He instantly remembered. “Because he wasn’t going to be with Christy, he wasn’t going to get a chance to marry her!” Fear and disappointment enveloped Jason’s heart again. He rose up from the tree and began to recline back on the trunk. Then he began thinking… about everything.

What’s the point of living if I’m not going to be with Christy?” His eyes began to well up with tears again as he began to recollect everything that happened. His father telling him that he must never speak to Christy again. Christy’s mother calling the cops on him. The last words he remembered Christy saying was “Please don’t leave me Jason!”

And Jason remembered the reply that he gave her. He said: “Bae don’t worry, I’m gonna come back.”

Jason was a man of his word, if he says something then he must fulfill it. And indeed he will, he planned on coming back to Christy… In the spiritual sense.

As he began to hear the train approaching, Jason knew that he must act fast. This time he wasn’t going to just stand on the track and wait for it to come. Because then the driver might see him and stop the train before it its him. He was going to wait until the train got close enough and then he would just jump in front of it.

The train blared louder and the sound of its’ horn came closer and closer. Jason got out from the palm tree and began looking straight ahead towards the oncoming train. It was no longer raining. As Jason looked up in the sky, he saw no clouds, just the sun, and the empty sky. There weren’t even any birds flying. Jason dropped his gaze and began walking to the train track. John appeared next to the brown bench on the other side of the railway, as he looked at Jason walking to the train track he began smiling. Jason didn’t know why he was smiling, but he ignored him as he stepped on the train track and looked forward.

Then he remembered, he quickly stepped back off. He was going to wait until the train got close to his proximity, then he would just jump in front of it. Jason began to see the light of the approaching train and the loud sound of its’ horn.

As it came closer to him he started counting in his head. “1…2…3…JUMP!!”

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