Moss Notes Java 02-02-17

Moss Notes Java 02-02-17

Java is object-oriented

this means that the programming language has different objects that all have different characteristics

and they all relate to one another

A class is a template or blueprint for how to build an object.

Java is a more complex programming language and it combines a lot of the older styles of programmoing.

Java can do only basic math

Java was originally designed to be used as a graphical user interface for the Web

was used to code icons on your desktop and windows operating systens

Java programs make decisions on which code to execute using if statements

it will tell the system to do something based on the result of the if statement

Java is based off logic

Loops are statements that repeatedly execute until a condition is met to break from it

a while loop executes when a condition is met and will continue until the condition no longer exists.

a while loop is not certain

a do while loop is certain

for loop executes a set number of times

A method can be re-used over and over again to do the same action

a method can be saved and placed somewhere else without having to retype it

The main method is always called first

An array is a data structure that is used to store multiple values.

You can declare an array list without knowing how many elements will fill it and it can grow or shrink during the program