Life insurance, if you don't die in 20 years you get half back

Blanket theory: don't think of the high as a freezing cold, but as a warm blanket spread over you in the cold

Blank theory: without you the blanket will have no purpose, thus leaving it blank


Delaware county university


My devoutness is based on subjective logic

Blood is thicker then water, but water is a necessity, we come to this world not choosing to have blood, but we choose to drink water because without it we'll die

You only fear death if you don't know what's on the other side

What did God see in us

Only a perfect being can create an imperfect person like me

Normal people work hard just to work for capitalists

When you praise money you only weaken yourself

Philosophy is simply answering why's until you reach a point of ignorance

The first step in having religious faith is realizing that we are not possible

What you call deep, I call on the surface

Single website posting your daily thoughts, later make it public
Call it
Awesome points as likes

Let's be glad we have a benevolent God

The best deeds are the ones that nobody knows of

God favors good virtues over religious faith

We are not tandem with God

You don't blow bud bruh

The difference between me and them is that they're logical thinkers, they believe everything in life is answered through mere logic, I know my logics but i also know where it shouldn't be applied

Subjectivsm is a form of logic

What makes God so powerful is his ability to change what is, as well as many other things

Faith is a form of logic

What's consider beauty in today's world is simple symmetticality of facial features

African parents are the kings and queens of hyperbolizing situations

The side chick is the main chick because she gets treated better then the main chick

A thing to help people coming from Sierra Leone or Liberia to America

Teenagers set the trend

By making yourself inferior you then become acclaimed

If Ida just kept blowing Reggie I wouldn't be like this now... Good going Jimmy (Ronnie)

I Lah you

The thing about God is realizing that everything is premeditated with him, all of this has already happened for him, he knows how it will all turn out. The goal is realizing it before it's too late

Every country has to make it mandatory to take a class about God

Make songs about Allah

What happened is what was meant to happen in the way the almighty purposefully designed it

10% of being a Muslim is the conversion and saying you are, the other 90% is actually being Islamic

There is no religion, there is only Allah Us humans are the ones who create religion to distinguish ourselves

There's truth and theres happiness, like candy and green beans What's true doesn't always make us happy so we alter it in a way that's pleasing to us and makes us happy

Theres always ying and yang but ying always end up winning at the end because everything J's being controlled by another ying force higher up in the hierachy chain