There are no "ifs" or "maybes" in true optimism.

Never think it's Allah. Tis something you should know.

I reested my phone and lost a random thoughts

ISIS has a really good pyramid scheme

Ignorance is a sin. DON'T BE STUPID!

Idk who you pray to but I pray and obey the only Almighty

❌Allah's wisdom is attributed with his eternal knowledge.

I hate my brother more then I love him, but I will die for him.

Allah follows me everywhere I go.

If you pray to God and you don't believe in him then your prayer is pointless.

The world will come to an end on one day because we all eventually die.

I don't want it all in this life, I want it all of next life. Because you can have it all in this life and it still will not be enough.

Smoking weed all the time makes me cynical.

❌Allah is so fair.

16 IS SOO BAD!! 😱

I'm at Conway blowing. I get a nice thought I think about writing it down but I don't because idk the Islamic judgment. I'll just ask Brother Anwar later.

The charger piece is at the back of the jawn, next to the TV

Finna get my test back, ima hope for the best.

Allah is not synonymous to ANYTHING AT ALL.

Yo osrs, I wouldn't lie to you. I'm Muslim and its Haram to lie. I'm bout to get evicted rs. 😐

Let us rectify our intentions and be sure that everything good we do is solely for the sake of Allah.

16 is the worst omg.

Allah is so merciless to the non-believers because he himself revealed Islam and there are those who still choose to ignore it.

33 is better than 35

God is not a prophet.

❌You're all I have, Allah.

7 is Allah too.

Allah can only take so much disrespect

I changed for the better. You changed for the worst.

I can't even put in words most of the crazy shyt that happens to me.

Prayer is so important bruh omg

❌Allah is only attributed with Godliness.

❌Allah has countless attributes.

❌make truth table of Allah exists P

❌I'm a pious Muslim I wouldn't lie to you.

❌You cannot say "Allah is like" anything because Allah is not similar to the creation in any way.

❌we need in order to sustain our existence, Allah does not need to do that because his existence is permanent always.

Anything that's bad that occurs the Shaytan causes it.

Because how can you say that you truly believe if you do not pray.

What's wrong with not wanting to be wrong?

33 is pure good.

❌Allah has life and he exists.

❌He may not exist to you but he definitely exists to me

Germs exist and we cannot see them.

The third eye exists but we cannot see it.

Your God does not have the same attributes as my one and only true God, Allah.

For one he does not have existence.

My Allah is attributed with an eternal existence.

He existed yesterday and he will exist tomorrow.

The God I serve does not make mistakes.

Everything the Prophet said has come to past.

Caroline wanted me to get out as quick as possible. She was thinking like "this ngga gon cost me my job." 😂

Allah will school you If you don't wanna learn he gon make you learn

Our linguistics is not that difficult to retent.

I don't smoke weed I blow loud.

Just because there are errors in the Christian religion does not mean there are errors in Islam

Nggas from the hood is the best actors

The air that we breathe we cannot see but we know it's there.

Nggas don't know how to act in a drought

Allah assigned himself

This Dunya is the closest thing to hell. But it's not hell tho, not even close bruh.

❌Allah just simply became Allah. No one created him.

❌The creator is neither created nor a creation.

❌Whatever Allah wills shall be!

❌Allah, please spare me

Sometimes the belief or first pillar is not strong enough, you're gonna have to pray.

The lack of every number is 0. The combination of all numbers is infinity. Similar to black and white.

Allah does not have to do anything for us, but he does.

Hope for the best, and prepare for the worse.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah brother. I thank you again for helping bring me to Islam. I come to you to ask a question I've been thinking about.

In the Quran Allah says that this Dunya is for the non-believers and the believers. And the hereafter is ONLY for the believers. Does this mean that in this Dunya the non-believers will have more luck then the believers? That is my question brother. Please help me understand this more. Allah knows best

Black Youngsta look like Tezzy Ock bruh.

People grow things change like the season

On their birthday

Why do you take it Allah?

❌it is not Allah that blesses you to come to this country, it is the shaytan

Something that kids can go to after high school. Ages 18-25 Another one ages 27-35

K no
N no
0 yes
W no
H no
E yes
N no
S no
S no
L yes

You don't need life to exist.
E no
E no
P no

12-12-16 Today is one of the days it happened

If one has knowledge of it, then it exists.

A criminal's best assets is his liabilities

I'm the blackest silver lining

If I'm gonna sin than I'm gonna pray first.

Stress and drama is like gravity

You can always talk things into existence

The only way to talk things out of existence is through prayer.

Anything liberal is the shaytan

❌Brothers, sisters. Do not allow these Kufars to kill me.

❌A martyr who dies on the battlefield his soul automatically enters paradise with no objection.

But is "battlefield" used figurative?

It's not about loving your job, it's about keeping the lights on.

Fuck you, and your dumbass job.

❌Allah knows all there is to know plus soo much more.

❌To deny Allah is to deny your existence.

❌Allah does not like silly blunders

All the bad that I do is solely for my own selfish desire.

❌All the good that I do is solely for Allah.

It exists in your mind, so it exists.

You gotta let go and let God take care of it.

God remembers everything.

His remembrance is attributed with his perfect knowledge.

Allah is always right, even when he's wrong. But God is never wrong. Allah is not capable of being wrong. He is not capable of making mistakes.

He is completely infallible.

I am so happy that I have a perfect God.

He is just God He is just Allah.

I am so happy that I have such a powerful God.

His presence is attributed with his eternal existence.

Look for me I ain't hard to find

If water is liquid, then Allah is God.

Df, 81.16%

Unit 5.5 skipped on Canvas

I put the money in my wallet and threw it in on the bed then I went to take a shower. I came back and still saw the wallet on the bed but $20 was gone from it. Df and I knew it was Apa who took it. But it's cool I'm not stressing I'll put it all in God's hands smh

Practice what you preach, preach love careful what you eat

❌Allah is for all.


The devil is a creation, thus he cannot create.

That's not gonna make btches wanna have sex with you

Allah follows me wherever I go, even if it is to a sinful place.

Being a chauvinistic atheist is like being a proud racist. There is no way to justify it. It is wrong and taboo.

I really like English, but that instructor was really not into it. I forgot her name. Judy I think.

Allah's blessings are forever.

Everything else is encompassed by the 13 attributes.

You cannot be a chauvinistic atheist, you just can't.

He is just God He is just Allah.

❌the shaytan has some knowledge but not all, only Allah has all.

❌Islam is one religion, but it is for all.

❌Islam is the correct religion.

❌God does not have sons or daughters, he merely has creations. The devil is one of them

You can go ahead and forsake him if you want, but he will never forget you, he simply refuses to.

It's the little things that Allah takes into consideration.

If you listen to me you are a fool because I am the dumbest person in the world.

Allah loves us 99.9%

❌Maybe if it's not eternal it should not be considered a real attribute. Just a thought, just something lingering on my mind randomly.

Nobody has ever gathered infinite money in this Dunya, not even close.

Anything bad that happens in this Dunya is only the shaytan. If it's good it could be the shaytan or Allah.

❌Everything I tell you is a lie, Allah's the only God.

❌There is no trinity, there is only one, Allah is attributed with oneness.

❌He understands more than ye who has the problem.

❌The creator is aware of how inferior we are to him.

Struggling and suffering are two very different things.

Allah cannot be stimulated.

To be a true Muslim means to pray for something really hard and it don't come true, and you still have faith.

Pushes her on bed. Stares at her yearningly and lasciviously. "You finna get all this dck cuz you're a good for nothing dirty whore". "Yes daddy". She replies back. "I wanna get all that dck cuz ima dirty whore". Jumps on bed and smacks her, "BTCH I SAID GOOD FOR NOTHING DAMMIT, YOU'RE A FILTHY DIRTY WHORE"!

If somebody ever told you that they know God, that person is a liar.

How dare you say that you have proper faith and Allah not test you.

I went to the Mosque on the 16th of December

You should never get too comfortable.

❌His eternal power cannot be emulated nor simulated.

❌If I fall then Allah exists. If I don't fall then Allah exists.

❌Allah is most certainly going to will for it to happen.

❌Nobody knows what Allah's will is going to be.

❌If I fall then Allah exists, if I don't fall then Allah exists.


Islam is the correct religion but us Muslims are the worst people.

Fall into sin

Allahu Alim

❌Ye should not believe in "a" god. One should believe in Allah only, because there is only Allah.

❌One prayer is so rewardable bruh.

Today was a day.

❌God is not a girl, but he do favor them more, just as he favors the believers over the non-believers.

❌I will lie to myself before I lie to Allah.

Every racist person is not bias.

❌We are able to understand ourselves better by looking at the Dunya around us.

❌He wills for us to have free will and he creates for us what we choose out of our free will.

This Dunya is paradise for your body and a prison for your mind.

Christianity is a perverted annexation of Islam.

I'm going to dedicate my life to earning rewards and blessings only from Allah.

I never compete to be #1, I am #1.

The devil has no attributes because he is not eternal.

❌Allah never works hard on anything.

Allah does not want to disappoint you. Especially if you have faith.

Faith comes first

33 and 25 are even, and they always will be.

Allah is the only God. There is no other but him.

There is no such thing as "Islamic terrorism".

Wash today 12-21-16

The laws revealed to Prophet Muhammad are the easiest to learn.

❌Islam is the only religion that was revealed by Allah, the one and only true God.

❌One has to adhere to their Islamic Iman.

❌Allah has set specific laws for every individual to follow, and whether or not you may agree with them the laws still remain, and if you choose to go against them then you choose to go against Allah and never prosper.

If it's not in accordance with the Islamic laws then it's wrong.

We have more in common with the devil then we do with God. We have no similarlity with God. None whatsoever.

Wash today 12-22-16

Allah can never be coerced.

If you are homeless and you become Muslim and start praying guess what's going to happen the next day, YOU WILL STILL BE HOMELESS.

I completely believe in Allah and his messenger.

If somebody say that they're gonna do something then THEY WILL DO IT.

I want Allah to answer everything I pray for, every little thing.

I didn't have a traumatic brain injury.

❌I am a pious slave of Allah. I am an impious creation of Allah.

❌Everything ultimately falls in the hands of Allah.

Wash today 12-23-16

Allah's mercy will be upon me first.

The problem with the Republican party is that it wants to offer too much government assistance.

God has showed me miracles, why in the hell should I fear you.

Today I woke up at 333am

❌We use the Hindu Arabic number system

❌I don't believe in chance at all I believe in Allah only.

❌Allah acts accordingly, whatever we want to do he creates for us, and he wills, oh he can will.

❌Log in worked right after I put random thoughts down.

Caught 333pm at the library

Got home at exactly 435

Everybody has their own unique habit, but the habit does not take away or add on to their self value

Caught 633pm

I'm afraid of what Allah might think of me more than anything else.

Fuck 16

You have to do what's right TODAY so your TOMORROW can be better.

Caught 625am

Whatever Allah says is best for me is in fact best for me because he is completely infallible and he always knows the right choice and he wants the best for you.

You have to put yourself first because what good will it be if you lose? Maybe if you win you can help those you didn't put first from the other side.

Only things that exist can be real or not.

39 is good, very slim tho

Caught 935am

Only a Muslim martyr that dies for an Islamic purpose.

I don't desire adulation or acceptance from no one. I only seek the acceptance of Allah.

Buy white earphones for Aunty

Caught 1133am and 1135am

Allah is the supreme form of life.

Caught 1225

Caught 1255

I want Allah to be the only one.

p. 25 while reading book

❌Imitating the Kufars is Haram.

❌Caught 225 55% on battery

❌Caught 235pm ❌Caught 255

Just because you fail to understand something does not tamper with its' validity.

❌The blessings will come whether you catch them or not. .

❌, 334pm

Caught 933

Caught 1055pm

Caught 1135pm


Whatever Allah wills is right because he is completely infallible and he always knows what's best.

Oh Allah please have eternal mercy on me, please. I have no faith whatsoever.

Wash today 12-25-16

Jesus lives in the second heaven.

Lady Mary was the greatest woman to ever live and will continue to be the greatest.

It is a historical fact that Jesus never claimed his religion to be Christianity.

Jesus followed the genuine laws of Prophet Moses, who was also a messenger.

Characters like Paul perverted Jesus' teachings and this is how Christianity came about.

It is nowhere mentioned in the Bible that Jesus said "I am a Christian and you need to follow Christianity". The Ingel was in Arabic.

The new testament is perverted.

Jesus taught his followers in the Syriac language.

Whenever you translate a text things will not be 100% clear or accurate.

The standard doctrine of Christianity is the belief in the trinity.

The trinity belief was made formal at the time of Constantine. He was a Roman ruler in the year 325 of the common era.

The trinity says that God is a father, a son, and a holy spirit. This belief is contrary to the judgment of reason.

Christmas origins is of Pagan.

Saternalia is the birth of the sun.

It is mentioned in the Bible not to cut down trees and bring them into your home. This is the practice of the Pagans.

Halloween is also a Pagan holiday.

Just because he made us flawed does not mean that he is flawed.

Prophet Muhammad asked Allah to lessen the daily prayer. At first it was 50. Moosa kept asking The Prophet to go back to Allah and reduce the prayer. He became shy after going back multiple times.

❌2:25pm 77%




1135 1155

The world is changing, but God does not change.

If you don t obey his orders are you denying his existence? NO!

633am 655am



Christians don't pray to the same God as us. They pray to a God that does not exist.

1025 1033 1055

If you are a Christian you are most likely going to burn in hell forever. Unless Allah has mercy on your pathetic soul.


This lady at the terminal tried to say I can't speak English and I won't survive in New York. WHO DF IS SHE?

One can easily postulate that Allah exists. 55%

No resemblance Non neediness

Flexicution Sonic Boom Get you good Travis Scott wonderful That's on you Robin hood Dj Khaled Bad habits Growing pains Cam meekins perfrct Somebody Blocka Trust you Quintana Slaughter ya daughter Nick Bean you 2face

35% 33%



It's impossible for Allah to have a son.


334pm 335

Asr at 225pm

425pm 433

Pagans are people that worship inanimate objects


Today was THE WORST DAY EVER! 12-26-16

I'm tired of losing.

I just want it all to be over.

No matter how hard I pray i just keep losing on and on. Why? What did I do Allah?

Please I don't wanna lose any more.

I love you so much You're all I have. I don't want to lose no more Allah.

Woke up at 633am Finished praying at 655am 12-27-16

733 735

Everything is caused by Allah because everything is willed by him.

133 135


Today was another loss smh 12-27-16


If one is praying and they are asking Allah for something, is it permissible to say "oh Allah I know in fact you will do this for me" or instead should it be "oh Allah please do this for me"


1225pm 1233pm

Revived- like Becky Revitalizeds- zombies

Today I was going to cross the line. ❌There is no line to be crossed, there is only Allah.

❌Likening the creator to the creation is of high blasphemy.

633 is just as good as 555 555 is better tho

I'll humble myself for the sake of Allah.

Idk Allah, nobody does. But ik what he accepts and does not accept.

1208 113


❌Everything should be expected for the best and prepare for the worst. Except for the existence of Allah.

I'm high as Gilmore's fin

We all have that one friend that laughs at everything


❌Allah knows all his capabilities and knows no disability.


Prophet Muhammad said he is the best, I am the worst.

It is Haram to be a boy or a girl

One has to desentisize their heart in order to survive in this cold world.

❌Allah does not exist in a place, he creates places.

Ms. Bah or some shyt

❌Allah created all of his attributes

❌Prophet Muhammad is the best of the Prophets.


To regress is when the zom heads turn back to zombies.

Reviveds are mindless zombies



Kufars is the plural version of Kafir

Happy, angry hungry, horny

The best thing you can do is help somebody come into Islam, the worst thing is to help them come out of Islam.

Everybody in the world is nepotistic

Any position of power is transferred nepotistically.

Do we control Allah's will or does he control ours? HE ABSOLUTELY CONTROL OURS!

The worst thing you can do is to dissuade somebody not to join Islam.



❌How dare you say that you have faith and he not tests you.

What happened today?

All I know is that it was a win.

Danger is very real, but fear is a choice.


There's no such thing as a "hard question" in Islam.

I desire copulation from a big booty stripper hoe.

Anybody that has a disbelief in God is not civilized.

12:25pm 12:35pm




Whatever Allah wants he gets.


❌They used to call The Prophet "The truthful and trustworthy". Just call me the "liar and dishonest one" You can def trust me tho, believe that. -But how can I trust you if you lie all the time? YOU JUST CAN BTCH!

❌If Allah ceases to exist, which is impossible. Then this universe will cease to exist, which is impossible, since we are in it right now.



This universe is always in constant need of its creator.

The Quran is the Kalam of Allah's speech because it is eternal, it will never end.


Abdul got shot in the head coz he was a witness to a murder. He was 33 with 6 kids.

Allah's word is FINAL. The Quran is final.

Just because you die does not mean that your life is over.


Hell does not exist for the true Muslims.

O believer, eternity awaits for you on the other side.

❌In my mind I'm like "I hate this shyt, Allah condemns it, it's just my body that creates a physical connection with it.




I am loyal solely to Allah

❌In this Dunya we can all win.



❌This Dunya is this time, this world.


❌Allah is capable of doing anything.





❌I do so little and I get so much in return.




535am 555am



You gotta fake it till you make it.

834 835am

Allah is the only one that hears your prayers when you're Muslim. If you are any other religion Allah and the shaytan hears.


❌You are your father and mother but you are not bound by their sins or blessings.

❌Whatever happens Allah eternally willed for it to happen , and whatever does not Allah did not will for it to happen.

Over 677 minutes

Revitalizeds- can think

Reviveds- mindless zombies






❌ 633pm 77%

❌Islam is an easy religion to follow, don't let the shaytan fool you.

❌Allah is not like us in any way.


If you cannot realize that Allah exists eternally without a beginning or an end than you are not fit to be alive.

Allah exists eternally without a beginning or an end.

Allah's existence is unequivocal, it leaves no doubt.

Allah exists indefinitely






Allah never cease to amaze.

633am 655

The incredulous and skeptical will never succeed in life.

This dress accentuates your eyes and outer semblance.

The definition of "prominent" is important or famous. But I don't quite understand it because one can be famous but not necessarily important.

725am 733



I am a very intelligent man and I am 110% sapiosexual.

525 555



We'll start with the name of Allah.



535 555am


The proper way to fear him is by doing what he says and avoiding the sins.

I will never be bad to someone who is bad to me, NEVER! Allah please don't let me be bad at all, please. I want to go to paradise please.


The first creation was the original water, and then the throne, and then the pen, and then the guarded tablet. The pen wrote for 50,000 years. Prophet Adam was the final creation.

Allah is just is.


Your belief is not going to change the factually that remains. He exists and will forever exist.






For there is nothing that Allah cannot do.

633am 635 Allah please please forgive me, it is so cold. Please Allah, you are the most merciful, and I am an humble slave. You exist eternally and nothing will ever change that. Please let me know forgive me. I love you and I love Prophet Muhammad.


Winter coats that disperse heat


Cab # 1235



The incredulous and skeptical ones are always the easiest to fool.

You have to acknowledge his eternal existence.


Allah has knowledge of all because he created everything.

Allah is so beautiful.

I love Allah so much.

Allah's knowledge is indefinite.

And he is not like us in ANY WAY.






433 435

Why does 6 keep following me?



Prophet Muhammad, idk how u did it, but you did it bruh.





The Muslims and the non-Muslims fear death

Shit don't ever work out for me man, FUCK






I don't love anything that Allah condemns.

Never get too comfortable.


The 115 follows me as well.

❌Allah is the best fighter.

❌I move at God's impetus.

❌There is not a words to describe Allah.


❌Allah is incoercable

❌Everything is the Kalam of Allah

❌Allah controls this Dunya and everything in it you see

1033 1035

All praise to Allah who has resurrected life after having taken it from me.

I'm a person who likes to get his hopes up, Allah teaches me not to do that.




733am 735am 755

1025am 1055


I'm glad we are on the same page

❌I go to paradise on a daily bruh

❌Allah is very discrete when he acts.


❌1255 55th St

Salala Walaikum Wasalaam Alaykum Salato Wasalaam

I may question, but I never will deny.

325pm 333 335


Pandora again told me no on Friday the 13 @5:00pm, at the Mosque finna do the Maghrib prayer now though. FACKK IT!


Allah wills freely and he creates willingly


6:33pm 76%

725pm 77% 733

In 6 days he created the heavens and Earth.

Allah created everything from water.

Throne Pen Guarded tablet

1033 1035pm

525am 555


I am a companion of the Prophet 655

I reject that thought and I do not accept it.

733am 755


❌Curiosity did not kill the cat, thus it only made it stronger.



633 635pm

825pm 25%

The best gift that you can ever give somebody is the gift of Islam.

You are an extremist for saying that you don't believe in God.

It is impossible for me to be the best, but Ima def be up there.

825am 835


Islam is the true religion, if somebody ever argues you out of it than you were never truly Muslim in the first place.


❌I finally see it now, Allah exists forever and we don't.

❌You don't need to have life in order to exist, but if you have life, than you exist




733 734 735

The Prophet was indeed sinless.



1235 1255


333pm 335 355





❌You have to look at it from a nothing standpoint.

❌ Prayer is first no matter what

❌ We gotta work for Allah's acceptance not his creations'




425am 435 555

725am 755

This liberal western civilization that we live in today is predominantly controlled by the shaytan.

What happens is Allah shows you in an extreme way that he exists. Then the shaytan attempts to make you deny his existence by small things.


In the beginning there was nothing. All that existed was Allah.


Man Mario I don't think you remember this... .




625am 634 635 655

Islam and belief go hand in hand, you cannot have one without the other


If you are a monotheist than you are a Muslim because Islam is the only monotheist religion.

Oh Allah. Oh Allah. I know Allah. You cannot trick me for I know you exist eternally, and I will tell the whole world MWAWHAHA

Tax and interest is Haram.

Allah is my best friend

99.99%love -.1% hate- ALLAH 99% love - 1% hate- Us 100% hate - the shaytan

833am 855

3410 ESS 4163 DPR



325 335

You just want me for my money. -NGGA YOU AIN'T GOT NO MONEY, BYE!


505 533 555

They just wanna live I just wanna die

725pm 735


1025 1035

We do not coincide with God.

Allah has autonomy more than all of us.



All I want to do is get high and pray. Just because you can see something does not mean that they are in the same place as you. When an American family Skypes dad in Iraq. Dad is not in America with them. But they can still see him though.

725am 733 735 755

Above all I have humility, I am ashamed of the sinful person that I have become, I am supposed to be better than this, Allah wants me to be better. I pray that his eternal mercy will be bestowed on me.




1235 1255

There is always nothing.




How df can I ask Allah to help me sin smh. Please forgive me Allah.

The non-believers are the non Muslims

Being a Christian is a gateway to becoming an atheist.

My pussy wet

May Allah protect us

Deny Prophet Muhammad's existence before you deny Allah's eternal existence.

Allah exists more than ALL of us COMBINED.

Prayer is the greatest act of worship.

Allah never ceases to exist.

Whatever has a size has a limit

Whatever changes has a beginning and end.

Every Prophet is a prime example of perfection.

Every Prophet was truthful and never told a lie.

The one who lies there is doubt in their credibility.

Allah is the true owner of everything, he owns everything.

Mentioning a lie about somebody in their absence. This is a big sin.

The torture of Allah is great.

Blasphemy happens mostly by the tongue.

A person needs to be careful of what they say.

Avoid gossip

Do that which Allah accepts.

The perfect believer is the one who does not harm the Muslims.

Most of the time when someone is angry or joking words come out of their mouth that they later regret.

Allah should be thanked in every mood.

Islam teaches me.

'm lightskin and I'm tatted

❌if you change then something has to manually create the change.

❌Allah Allah ALLAH!

I think it's even worse than doing the deed, but I could be wrong.

First we need to establish that Allah exists.

There is a justifiable reason for each one of Allah's actions. We may not understand it, but it's out there.

If he exists than everything else has to be true.

Jesus, the son of Mary was sent as a messenger of God 600 years before Prophet Muhammad.

Prophet Muhammad is the son of Abdullah. Born in Mecca and died in El Medina.