SCOTTY - whenever someone get played

God is protecting us by not revealing himself

Sit down professor be like "so what's your interpretations of Einstein's theory of the nuclear bomb."
Raise my hand and be like what is life?
Professor be like Uhh... What?

The system is controlled by the devil

The devil is powerful undoubtedly
But what makes us more powerful is our ability to reject the devil's urges and turn back to God

None of us really believe in God
we only believe in our perception of him, I know I certainly do.

We all fail to realize how powerful Allah is

You can be the master of all academic subjects but if you don't know about Allah then you know nothing

Allah is a thought that's real

Allah is merely testing himself by creating us

We only get dismayed in the face of trouble because we don't fully understand Allah

Just like how I'm human and my name is Abdulai
Allah is God, but his name is Allah, and he is unequivocal

Some of the things I've said or will say can be false, I'm telling y'all because I hate when comedians be coming up and talking bout some this shyt true. Like this ngga Kevin Hart, that mf said he saw a mfn deerbra in the middle of the street. The first thought that came to my head was "this ngga lying, dedrbras are like endangered species, one can't just see one. That's like seeing a mfn dragon in Madison Square Garden. Everybody knows dragons are extinct bro. Yeah them mfs was alive like umm during Jesus, but they dead now.

Allah be high af

The devil don't know what happens when we die, his goal is just to kill us. Because he knows it hurts God when we die.

That may be the only logical explanation, but it's not the only explanation

The main difference between us and Allah is that we go out our way to impress him, while he intends to impress no one

I refuse to exert any more energy on you nggas

One who does not believe in God is capable of anything

I do not believe we're prawns in this chess game of life. In order to be pawns the director of the game has to be willing to sacrifice the pawns in for a bigger purpose. I believe the director values us too much to sacrifice us.

This dark tunnel I'm approaching is as dark as my soul, hopefully I can find the light.

Our free will is premeditated

The subconscious mind is dangerous

Everything has to be ratified and go through Allah before it can take effect.

God is a subjective belief

God works in mysterious ways indeed, but everything mysteriously makes sense with him

There's lots of art in simplicity
We look at kids cartoon shows such as Spongebob Squarepants. Though the plot of the episodes are fairly facile, one fails to realize all the work that goes behind each individual episode, and that's where the art lies.

Capitalists make it possible for other capitalists to appear, that's wsssup

God don't make exceptions... For anybody

One who does not have any form of belief in God or the almighty is the only proper way to define stupidity.

Whenwe ask God to change our current situation we're actually saying that we know more then him We are not the first.

The reason we get a weird feeling when somebody starres directly at us is because we feel as if that person is looking directly at us and can see all of our insecurities and flaws, and we know that they're disgusting so we feel as if another person would feel the same way and may find us disgusting.

Allah created logic because he knew humans were capable of comprehending it

He is God, but his name is Allah

You have logic by having proof, you have proof by having evidence

Allah did not create permanent stupidity.

Islam is not a bad religion, only some people make it look bad

Any one who claims that God answers all their prayers is lying

One of the many things that makes Allah so powerful is his ability for him and and everybody he wishes to keep going when everything else stops

White girls talking about what they're gonna wear.

Fooling somebody and making them think that they stand a chance is the first step

There's a common misconception about God that we all seemed to be riddled by. We think that God will do whatever we pray for. Naw ngga😅😭that's not how that mf work,he only do what's BEST 👌 for us, and if we pray on that shyt then he grants that shyt like a mf. But if he don't, then we get mad n shyt like bruh wasn't there for us. For example like lets say you a car thief and you pray you get some nice cars to steal the next day when everybody come to the Superbowl game n shyt so you can get $580 to pay your rent, and you been praying on that shyt for the longest n shyt. But instead you end up getting fatally sick n shyt, like you come down with a crazy cold😵. You might start thinking, "oh this ngga God ain't look out for me n shyt. But instead, this ngga😎🙏👊👌 GOD saved you from getting booked, got you a janitor job that helped you make that rent, and we don't even remember that shyt, but GOD👀 does, "All-seeing n shyt dh".

Why they have to take my mans, lord he was too young to go FXCIN WIT THEM BOYS KILL A

Watching Mickey Mouse with Lil brother tweet tweet, Mickey Mouse n shyt

Is that on the premise of the same argument? If so then I have a counter argument.

864, we are 865

God is a funny God

If sleep is the cousin of death, then what's a coma?